With a Smile

Back to the daily grind, and my own view is that the only thing better than a delicious coffee is one served with a smile. Clearly fellow Sydney-sider Sonya Gee agrees.

In a cute collaboration with a local Sydney cafe, Sonya is sending these little guys out into the world to spread joy and caffeine.

With six irresistible handmade designs to collect, you’ll need to head straight to Cafe Giulia in Chippendale before they all find new homes!

You can find out more about Sonya here, or stalk her on Twitter like I do!

(P.S. Obsession with smiley coffee? Don’t know what you’re talking about!)


Laura said...

cutest coffee cups ever ♥

Ali said...

Love love LOVE!

See Hear Say said...

i saw this at twothousand.com.au the other day. so cute!

Liv Lundelius said...

that looks like the perfect start of a day to me!
coffee served with a smile, that's it!

Kimberley said...

*hee* I would LOVE to have coffee with a smile! These are fabulous!

annoiii said...

These are so cute! Thanks for sharing!

Madhav said...

hey long time saving images from your blog...and ya they are alwaz reliable :)...thanx

Cassandra Marie said...

Haha very cute!

Madhav said...

and guys plz read my blogs too!!

Lillian Chang said...

hahahaha these made me laugh out loud!! so cute!!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Totally cute. All coffee should have facial hair, on the cup, not in the drink.

Trains and Sewing Machines said...

Hehe these cups are so adorable!!

Ms Unreliable said...

Laura - Agreed! Just when I thought coffee couldn't possibly get any better!

Ali - Hear hear!

See Hear Say - Ah yes, they beat me to it! That'll teach me for sitting on such cuteness and not sharing it immediately! :D

Liv Lundelius - Perfect start, perfect end, perfect halfway mark!

Kimberley - Me too, I'd definitely keep these smiley little guys around post-coffee too!

annoiii - My pleasure, I just couldn't keep them to myself (as much as I wanted to!)

Madhav - Hehe thank you, I've been a bit sporadic lately but I'm glad you're still enjoying it all!

Cassandra Marie - Indeed, who knew coffee could be so adorable?!

Lillian Chang - I giggle every time I see them!

Rachel Elizabeth - I'm glad you clarified, otherwise I'd be a little worried :D

Trains and Sewing Machines - Aren't they? I hope everyone who got them has kept them and cherished them...and possibly even named them too! :D