Oh My...

I am incredibly humbled and somewhat mortified to be featured by one of my blogging idols, Holly of decor8. Just when I was thinking I had a good excuse to be a bit slack over the holidays, the pressure is now on to impress the discerning readers of decor8! Eek! Bare with me folks!

I'll try to make the next few posts as Kit-less as possible, because my life isn't nearly glamourous enough to compete with the beautiful people and beautiful places I often feature! I may slip in a few happy snaps here and there, but I promise I'll try to keep it to a minimum.

Except for this. My lovely Christmas dress deserves a mention, I think! A Summer Christmas might be a bit of a bizarre concept for my many Northern Hemisphere friends, so I might have to elaborate in further posts...

Oh and these are the desserts I made for Christmas lunch. Ok so these ones are straight from the recipe books, but mine looked quite similar...sort of! On the left is a deceivingly delicious concoction of strawberries macerated in caster sugar and balsamic vinegar, and topped with a dollop of mascarpone. Ridiculously simple and INSANELY delicious. And on the right is Eton Mess, an equally tasty mush of whipped cream, crushed meringues and strawberries...and I added blueberries, blackberries, mulberries and raspberries for good measure! Both are so simple to make which is great for kitchen novices like moi, and both received rave reviews...but from my family, so they're a bit biased. The recipes might just feature in a future post too...

And last but not least, these lovely goodies are care of my secretive Vogue Kris Kringle! The ladies (and a few lads) over on the Vogue Australia Forums are a fantastic community of fab people, and thanks to one very devoted lady, over 110 members sent beautiful presents across the country (and across the world) to virtual strangers and new friends! Huge thank you to Bec for being an organiser extraordinaire, and a big thank you to my mysterious KK for the beautifully wrapped candles, striking candle holders and matching white photo frame...my obsession with all things white is in full effect! Not to mention a big sigh of relief that my lovely KK liked her present too. Phew!

Ok so that was all about me, wasn't it? I have lots more to show you and plenty of inspiration from an eventful 48 hours...but with a busy day of winery-hopping in the Hunter Valley tomorrow, there might be a few more Kit-related posts too. I promise I'll talk about something more substantial though, here's a sneak peak of what I have planned leading into '09...

Stay safe, and stay tuned!

Happy Christmas Eve!

This time of year is pure chaos in my corner of the world, as it most probably is in yours too! So I won't bore you with all the details of the next few days (weeks!) of insanity here in KitWorld...needless to say it will involve family, friends, lots of food and way too much wine.

And me being me, I've only JUST finished decorating the house and wrapping the presents. The Christmas tree is minus a few candy canes (I had to get my energy from somewhere!), and my attempts at decorating are pretty laughable on the whole, but I'm content.

My little boat garland is finally complete, and is doing a fabulous job of making my horrendously large drawing board look somewhat festive.

Next year will definitely be different! I'll be even more organised, my attempts at decorating will be a little less pathetic, and I won't be pulling out my hair! I'll also be an aunty this time next year for the very first time, so I might have to put my sensible hat on at the family Christmas dinner (for a change!)

So before I sign out for a few days (or perhaps a few weeks, who knows?!), I want to share a few last minute festive finds that are still inspiring me on this hectic Christmas eve. First up is two gorgeous images from Absolutely Beautiful Things, the enviously stylish blog by my enviously stylish fellow Aussie, Anna.

I grew up with decorations like these fabulous unfolding bells, but I don't quite remember them looking so glam! I'm definitely keeping this great idea in mind for next year!

This image is largely responsible for sparking my obsession with making my presents a little more glamourous. Of course I wasn't organised enough to buy beautiful ribbons in time, so I've settled with sisal twine. Close enough!

And these delightful ideas are from the ingenious Sweet Paul. A great last minute gift or even a 'spare' in case your crazy uncle actually turns up, a gorgeous box of delicious macadamia nuts is bound to keep any guest happy!

Candy is also a great option for the sweet tooth in the family, and garlands of any kind will keep everyone happy.

And last but not least, Sweet Paul put together this tasty little wreath himself, with a few packets of candy and a reshaped wire coathanger. Genius!

On that note, I must depart and delve into the first of many holiday events! This time of year is quite unpredictable, so if I don't make it back before the new year, best wishes for a great holiday season to all who happen to come across my little blog...

[Coolest salt and pepper shaker ever]

...and big hugs to all who have made my first few months in Blogland so fun and inspiring! Thank you! <3

Holiday Wednesday Wisdom

Think big thoughts
but relish small pleasures.

-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

More Monday Madness

Shoes are not always just made for walking...

These fantastic photos make me curse the clear blue skies outside, because there a few other things in the world that are quite as satisfying as jumping around in puddles, especially with friends!

Then again, jumping on the couch is a pretty close second, right up there with jumping on beds.

This fantastico photography is the work of Henrik Halvarsson, and I can't help but be reminded of the formidable Guy Bourdin.

And although I have long since given up on walking in killer stillettos, I'm still more than happy to admire them from afar.

And one non-shoe related image, simply because it's sexy.

I would possibly harvest a kidney in return for a bright red vintage telephone. I could of course just buy one on eBay, but that's not quite as dramatic.

Meanwhile, 2 weeks off work for me and I STILL haven't finished my Christmas shopping. Ahhh. The stores are crazy, people are pushy, the sales assistants look like they haven't slept in 8 days...I love Christmas! How are your plans coming together? Are you all organised and ready to go, or are you still putting up decorations like me?! Eeeek.

7 Wonders...

The lovely Vanya over at Endless Inspiration has tagged yours truly for the 7 Things About Me Challenge. It's simple really, I share 7 things about moi, then I challenge other lovely bloggers to do the same at the end of this post (and let them know by commenting on their blogs too), and then they challenge other bloggers to do the same, and we all get to share 7 things about ourselves :D

So here goes....

#1...I was an absolute tomboy growing up. I loved Lego, playing in the dirt, climbing trees and swimming in my local creek. I set up elaborate tracks for my toy cars, and I thought Barbie dolls were for losers. The only time I ever played with Barbies was when I wanted to test out my fantastic new parachute design...made out of tissues. It was a thinly veiled excuse to throw the dolls out the window.

#2...Unfortunately for me, despite my tomboy tendencies I happened to have long blonde hair and blue eyes, so people would constantly tell me how much I looked like a little Barbie doll. I hated any such suggestion, but I would politely smile and thank the person for the compliment. I was secretly plotting to hack all my hair off for years. [See #5]

#3...I've always loved gardening, but sometimes I took it a little too far. When I was about 10 years old, I pretended that I was hosting Bourke's Backyard (Australian gardening show), and my demonstration of pruning got a little out of hand when I realised I'd cut off every single leaf and flower on my fathers favourite frangipani tree. I denied all responsibility.

#4...I played drums in primary school, but I practiced too much and it drove my mother insane, so she made me switch to the clarinet. I never quite forgave her for that :D

#5...I eventually hacked off all my hair. And dyed it copper red. Then all I wanted was my long blonde hair back. I've since been virtually every other colour of the rainbow, and although I think I look best with dark brown hair, I'm too lazy for the upkeep, so I'm back to my natural blonde. I thankfully don't get any more Barbie comparisons.

#6...I was always set on becoming an architect, but when I finally got there, it wasn't at all what I'd imagined, even though I'd been warned. It was far less creative than I'd hoped, and much more about politics, business and the almighty bottom dollar. It was long hours and utter creative frustration for very little pay. I have a degree but little desire to continue in the world of "traditional" architecture, in Australia at least where architects are viewed as an optional (and often undesirable) extra. My ultimate dream is to get paid for doing what I love...design journalism.

#7...If I could live anywhere in the world, I'd move straight to Paris. I know it's cliche, but I've never felt more at home anywhere else, even my home town. The culture, the art, the buildings...and more importantly...The croissants! The coffee! The fresh baguettes and French toast...

[eiffel by moi]

There is nowhere else I'd rather be.

And now to tagging! I'd love to know 7 things about...

Emma @ White & Wander [Even though she's currently trekking across the country...]
Michelle @ Neon Stilettos
Georgia @ It's Just How I See Things
Merrill @ 3 of Hearts [Tell me more about SJP! :D]
Michelle @ Lovely Little Things
Susanna-Cole @ Girl Meets NYC

Oh I could go on forever and I know I've left out some amazingly lovely bloggers, but I have so much Christmas shopping to do and so little patience for crowds... it's a sure-fire recipe for disaster! Wish me luck!

Tea Time

Nothing makes me happier than a good cup of tea, no matter what time of day. As you may have noticed however, this time of year is hectic, and me being me, I'm only about 1/5 of the way through my Christmas shopping. So any opportunity to sit down and destress over a nice cuppa is more than welcome.

That's right, it's Tea Time. First up are these adorable badges by katesutton on Etsy. Even though temperatures are soaring in my corner of the world, nothing could sound more enticing than a tea party! Iced tea perhaps!

And to celebrate my love of tea and general inactivity, I've raided my archives and dug out every tea-related picture I can find. There's no real substance to this post, just pretty pictures of tea :D

And last but not least, the ultimate tea party a la Annie Leibovitz, complete with the Mad Hatter and Natalia Vodianova.

Right. Time for tea!

The Year That Was

If you don't get everything you want,
think of the things you don't get
that you don't want.

-Oscar Wilde

All Sewn Up

I may have already mentioned this, but at the very top of my Christmas wishlist, somewhere near the years worth of flowers, is a sewing machine. I haven't sewn in years, but I used to be able to whip up some fairly respectable (albeit insanely simple) goodies back in the day.

And even though space is at a premium in my apartment, the inspiring Rachel over at Red Velvet Art has provided me with all the proof I need that bigger isn't always better.

She's put a compact corner to great use with a fantastic array of fabrics, containers and wall hangings.

She converted an unused basket into an adorable light fitting, and I'm loving the slatted green wall hanging with the bright pink frame. Such a simple and renter-friendly finishing touch!

Although I doubt I could get away with so many nail holes, these clip boards make for fantastic inspiration boards, plus they're perfect if you need to grab a collection and pop off to a meeting.

The whole space is compact and supremely comfy, and most importantly, full of inspiration!

So whilst I keep dreaming about a sewing machine somehow finding its way under my tiny little Christmas tree, I'll also keep dreaming about my cosy little craft nook. This time next year, it will be mine! Stay tuned!

Concrete and Glass

Well after another surprise trip interstate and way more wine than expected, I'm back and ready to roll in these last few crazy days leading up to Christmas.

And just when I thought my obsession with indoor plants couldn't get any more disturbing, along came Obleeek Objects. These lovely planters are designed by Leo Estevez and boast a customized concrete blend that is 40% lighter than standard concrete, not to mention a silky smooth finish.

These little guys are also right at home in the great outdoors as well, with a weather resistant sealant and versatile good looks to boot!

Each object has its own unique color and patina as a result of the natural variations in the blend of portland cement and volcanic ash, not to mention the refreshing fact that every item is hand poured.

The selling point for me however is the Concrete and Glass series that combines the smooth concrete finish with hand blown glass inserts. The soft pastels of the satin polish just beg to be kept out on display.

The very thought of an ultra modern birdbath has me rewriting my Christmas wish list as we speak. See more at Obleeek Objects and be sure to keep an eye on these newcomers in 2009!