It's a Hard Life

Following the latest blow to the shelter magazine industry, my dream job in design journalism might just have to wait a little while longer. I suspect that as the industry itself adapts and changes with the times, so too will my dream. In the meantime however, I think my dream still looks a little something like this Parisian apartment.

Owned by Australian fashion designer Martin Grant, this former maid's quarters is now a drool-worthy loft.

The restricted colour palette is broken up by the warm browns of the exposed timber beams and floorboards, not to mention an enviable collection of mid-century Scandinavian furniture.

Splashes of colour connect the apartment, however subtly, to the overgrown terrace that overlooks the rooftops of Le Marais.

From acid green curtains to a yellow beaded necklace hanging off a timber column, Grant's apartment is both subdued and surprising, much like his designs.

Renowned for his elegant and timeless designs, Grant has been known to slip some delightfully bright designs into an otherwise demure collection.

His latest offerings in his Spring 2009 RTW collection is no different, with a largely black, navy and cream collection infused with acid greens and oranges, electric blue and bright teal.

So if something bizarre happens and I find myself no longer wanting to live in a glamourous, understated Parisian apartment, I can at least buy a dress that was designed in one.

Happy weekend lovelies! What do you have planned?

Oh, if anyone has any tips on how to get to sleep at a reasonable hour, send them my way pretty please? Ever since staying up til 4am to see a certain Inauguration speech, my body clock has been on holiday! Ta!

[Images via Vogue Living Australia + Martin Grant Paris]


please sir said...

Same here girl! Working at Domino - nope, not anymore! I hope print will thrive again...I would love to be a stylist one day. said...

hang in there girl.

the flooring in that apartment is so beautiful. i can't stop looking at it.

cheers for posting.

K.Line said...

Damn, don't ask me, I'm still awake and it's 1 am! Love the photos.