It's the Little Things...

January is well and truly whizzing past and Valentines Day is fast approaching. It's been a big year already, but the global economic drama seems to be sticking around. Fortunately for us lovebugs, we know that it's the little things that count, and Valentines Day is no different.

And what better time to get into real estate? We all want the world for our loved ones, so why not start one tiny city at a time?

Ok so it's not strictly a Valentines Day present, but I just had to share it with you (and it fits my Little Things theme.) HOW CUTE IS IT?! Take a closer look...


Awwwww yeahhhhh, check it out, your latest foray into the world of property development! Get your hands on your own Shelf City with a little help from awesome little Etsy store, Weeds and Wild Things. Seriously cute.

Next up is this decidedly more V-Day print care of the lovely Jennifer Ramos of Made By Girl fame. She's also behind the gorgeous range of incredibly popular Love Candy screen prints, but as someone who loves tea, blogs, and of course you *flutters eyelashes*, this one is my new favourite.

Speaking of tea, Ez over at Creature Comforts has given us all an early V-Day present! She's bringing sexy back to teabags, with adorable (and free) tea bag bling, complete with a fantastic step-by-step tutorial. Thank you Ez!

I also adore these limited edition Lovebird cards by Naomi Murrell, yet another great little Etsy find. They come in a set of four so you can keep the love all year round (or share the love around, we won't judge!) But this year, I'm sending Mr. Unreliable a little letter...

A REALLY little letter from the World's Smallest Postal Service. Tiny. Tinier than tiny. Miniscule in fact. Check these out.

These letters are SO tiny, they need a magnifying glass to read them.

They even have a tiny little stamp and a tiny little wax seal.

Lea Redmond is the lady behind the letters who only recently discovered that she had an uncanny talent to write with really, really small lettering. She travels around California with her adorably tiny desk, and now shares this wonderful service with the world thanks to our beloved internets! Get your order in soon though, she's already swamped with Valentines Day orders!

And last but not least, for the partnered and non-partnered alike, this is a time of year when animal shelters receive a disturbingly high number of pets, so if you've got a little extra love to give, head to your local shelter and share it with a cute kitten or an adorable dogsie! Aussie readers can head straight to RSPCA's Adopt A Pet site and find their new love online...ooh la la! Just make sure you narrow down your search to your area, otherwise you'll fall in love with a gorgeous little guy on the other side of the I did. Meet Lior, my new online love.

I'm not even a cat person, but any kitten that can look so thoroughly unimpressed yet so adorable definitely wins my heart.

Anyhoo, happy Australia Day to all my countrymen, and happy Monday to all!

10 comments: said...

those little letters are ridiculously adorable! thanks for posting them.

happy aust day.

Vanya @ Endless Inspiration said...

Re: Kitten

Would you look at that face, I'm in love! He's adorable

Mrs.French said...

I love everything in this post...especially your new kitten...I want her...xo t

please sir said...

I love the little houses...and that DIY teabag - so cute!

Ms Unreliable said... - They're gorgeous aren't they? I love all the little details too, like the tiny wax seal that has your initial on it! Aww so cute, can't wait for it to arrive :D

Vanya - Probably the coolest cat I've ever seen, so cute but so full of attitude :D

Mrs. French - I wish she was mine! She's too far away unfortunately, but I love her anyway!

please sir - So much cuteness, so little time! I'm going to make the teabag bling for Mr. Unreliable, even though my hand sewing skills are non-existent. They might not be so cute after I'm done with them, but at least they'll be funny :D

Anonymous said...

What a whimsically gorgeous collection of items you've got there! I think I love everything lol :) xxx

Emma @ White and Wander said...

Gorgeous ideas Kit! I want little presents too - need to find a Val first though - might just hang out with the family instead like a true Bridget Jones!

Sorry haven't been commenting much, but have been looking and loving, I promise xx

tyler said...

the teeny tiny greetings are insanely sweet. and impressive, wow. thanks for all the fantastic links. off to check them out!

Leigh said...

Fantastic finds!

I just adore those little houses awwwww. So sweet :)

Ms Unreliable said...

Not Quite Nigella - Why thank you, methinks good things do indeed come in small packages!

Emma - Hehe don't worry, I have a Val laddie and I doubt he'll get me anything anyway! I'll take Colin Firth any day! :D (Don't tell anyone I said that)

tyler - Aren't they amazing? I think I might send one to myself too, is that wrong?

Leigh - Thank you dear, it helps to have so many lovely little things around to chose from! I've since found even more little goodies...and even more little houses! Yay! I'll post them soon :D