Redemption via Fashion

I've been neglecting lots of things over the Silly Season, like sleep and sobriety for example. So now that I'm back on track (except for the sobriety bit), I have a lot of lost ground to cover. I'm still catching up on emails, replying to comments and desperately trying to get up to date with all my favourite blogs, but first on my list is a big thank you and hello to VintagePrincipessa (amongst other aliases), a very multitalented lady who's firing up what is bound to be an invaluable resource...The Best Etsy Blogs. Now I have to admit, since the Australian dollar nosedived into sub-zero territory, Etsy has probably been the top of my Neglecto List, but with the $AU slowly but surely climbing back to 1990's levels (oh joy), I'm getting back into the swing of Etsy things.

[Did someone say swing?! Tree Swing (Green) by ashleyg]

So firstly, be sure to keep an eye on The Best Etsy Blogs, where I am very honoured to be featured (as a lover and buyer, not a seller just yet...that might be New Years Resolutions #11...) There's a tonne of fantastic links for buyers, sellers and lovers alike, so head over there and have a looksee, and nominate your favourite Etsy blogs while you're there!

And secondly...ETSY FINDS! I've been a little neglectful on the fashion front as well, so here are some Etsy Fashion Finds to keep my conscience clear...

First up I can't deny the vintage sourcing talents of the aforementioned VintagePrincipessa, because as anyone who has been op-shopping before knows, every gem is buried under about 8 truckloads of mediocrity.

Holy amazing prom dress. I don't consider myself a girly girl (despite my latest obsession with summery dresses) but THIS dress would totally transform me into a giggly teenager skipping through the streets, or better yet a field of daisies.

Keeping with the ultra glamourous theme, I've been drooling over this AMAZING bridal wrap by Bonzie for months, and I'm still in love.

Next up is one of my favourite sellers, Liza Rietz, and although I tried my very best to find just one standout piece, I couldn't chose between these three...

...And who could blame me? Art Deco glamour...

...Post modern frivolity...

Or Blair Waldorf-esque refinement? (Apologies to non-Gossip Girl lovers!) Despite how different all these pieces are, I honestly can't chose one I prefer more than the other. Love love love!

Speaking of refinement, another long-time favourite on my Etsy list is the work of LEMONSTORY by kimenna. I absolutely adore the Fall Shirt Dress which comes in a range of colours and fabrics, which again is both a godsend and a curse for indecisive types like me!

Another style that is perfect for both work and play is this gorgeous dress by Replicca. Any dress that looks great with bright tights and/or a cute belt wins my vote, but this dress has me looking forward to the cooler months once more.

Speaking of that elusive cooler weather, my obsession with blazers has well and truly survived the new year, especially with great vintage finds like this little beauty from Santoki Vintage. Marching bands have never been so cool. Seriously.

Apocalypse Vintage has also dug up this great little military number, and the hat is to die for too!

And as I ponder a possible return to university to get another piece of paper (ugh!), I'm loving this unstructured blazer from Basho.

There are few things I love more than being comfortable in the ol' jeans, T-shirt and blazer, so I might be sporting this look whether I return to campus or not.

I'll have to save accessories for another day, because the list is so very very long and my mind is currently wandering towards all things food-based.

Before I go foraging however, I'd better mention (whilst I remember) that I've jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, even though I'm still not entirely know what it's for (other than finding awesome bloggers and their awesome blogs!) if you want to hear all about my gardening habits and sporadic ponderings, feel free to follow me! :D

And last but not least, one of the lovely ladies over on the Vogue Forums has reminded me about the brilliant 365 Project, and although I'm a little late, I'm jumping on that bandwagon too. More to come on that front, stay tuned...


RocketGirl said...

Ooohhh thanks so much for featuring my dress!!! :) I'm not very girly either, but it was fun playing dress-ups for the photos hehe

I'm so glad you like the feature on your blog- everyone seems to love your blog, as I knew they would xx said...

that blue dress is ridiculously beautiful.

love love love.

Georgia B. said...

wow! great post. great resource! i look forward to checking it out.

i love the art deco glamour! gorgeous ensemble!

i'm on my lunch break, but i wanted to make sure i got over to your blog to let you know two things. i still love and follow your blog. i have only been at work 8 days over the past three weeks, and since i can only leave comments on your blog from my work computer, i have not been able to comment much lately. but just so you know, i still read it. :)

secondly, i still plan on doing my post that you tagged me for. i was glad that you tagged me, and i can't wait to do it. with the holidays and then being sick for a week, i have not gotten to it. but i will very soon. not that i think you are checking ever day with bated breath to see if i have done it. i just wanted to let you know i am not blowing it off.

Ms Unreliable said...

RocketGirl - dressing up is always fun, even for us non-girly girls! Makes me wish my mother kept all her amazing clothes from the 60's and 70's, she had some killer threads! - I couldn't agree more! Loving your blog by the way, and why am I not surprised that Hockey is trying to scrimp a few dollars from a poor interior designer?! Aussie politicians these days, tsk!

Georgia B - Hope you're feeling better dear! I've been a Slacky McSlacko and I'm still trawling through my emails, but yours is there with a little star reminding me to thank you for your thoughtfulness! I'm super slow in responding to comments too (obviously) but I appreciate all your lovely comments and I'm looking forward to your 7 Things! (And I'm still trying to figure out why Blogger is sporadically bugging out and not letting people comment, bah!)