On Your Bike!

I decided to go for a nice little bicycle ride this afternoon, despite the overcast weather and threatening rain. It just seemed like a good idea. I had some errands to run that would take way too long on foot, and as you may know, I'm completely useless and still don't know how to drive despite my advancing years. So cycling was the answer. Until I caught a glimpse of myself...on my bicycle...wearing my ridiculous helmet. Oh how I wished I looked like these people...

So effortless and casual and happy. I totally need to get a cute little basket for my bicycle. Here's some more cycling chic-ness.

Do their hats look a little chunky? No? That's what I thought too, which was why I was completely blown away to find out that they're actually helmets! Fiiiinnnnaaalllly, someone has designed some safety gear that's actually sexy. They're by Danish brand Yakkay and here's how they work...

Ingenious! But pretty straightforward, I'm sure you didn't need an explanation but I can't resist a good flowchart! Unfortunately they're only available to the already fashionable kids in Europe, but with a few strategic bribes, I will have one in my hot little hands in no time.

So...anyone going to Europe soon? Any European readers who feel like making a little trip to their local bicycle store for me? Come on, you know you want to! Just in case, here is my wishlist...

[Left to Right, Top to Bottom - Paris model in Harringbone and Army Velvet,
Tokyo model in Pale Denim and Stripes B/W Denim ]

And although I don't have a hope in Hades of looking good in this, I love it anyway.

[Tokyo model in Pink Jazz fabric]

Pink isn't usually my colour at the best of times, but this is just plain cute. It even has a bow! How many helmets do you know that have bows? That's right, NONE! I can't wait to say goodbye to my ultra sporty looking helmet.

Arigato to Joanna at A Cup of Jo for sharing this wonderful find! She also has a great guide to the New York City Bicyclist, which one are you? I wish I looked like Vintage-Bike Fashion Gal, but I think I need a new category...one that includes the words ridiculous, heinous and whack. And possibly a reference to the fact that most "real" cyclists don't even consider my chosen mode of transport to be a "real" bicycle. I'll show them! Me and my hot new helmet!


please sir said...

Yes I wish I looked like that too! My helmet is so crazy looking - so I know the feeling!

K.Line said...

Gorgeous idea. Regrettably, I don't think this design is sturdy enough to really protect the skull in a many sorts of head on falls. (My husband is a cyclist and totally up on helmet design. He never shuts up about it!)

red.door.read said...

These are cute!...when I look at photos from the Sartorialist of impossibly gorgeous people in cute outfits cycling whilst holding a cigarette I think - wha? How do they do it? Relaxed helmet laws help I guess.

Susanna-Cole said...

Aw those are so chic! And so very clever too, would totally buy one if I was able! :)

Thanks for your comment, and for your email! <3 (Which I will reply to soon as I can, sorry my slowness. :( )


Ms Unreliable said...

please sir - Teehee my helmet looks so super sporty, like I'm training for the Tour de France on my crazy little bike! I would much prefer to look a little less serious..and a lot more chic!

K-Line - Ooh yeah good point, those crazy Europeans have slightly more favourable rules and regulations. Then again, when I caught my hideous reflection, my helmet seemed to cover the same area that these helmets do...but maybe I just have a huge head and/or an ill-fitting helmet...eek! ;)

red.door.read - I imagine the laws do help a lot, but I still see HEAPS of fashionistas and hipsters around Sydney that cycle around without helmets. Naughty naughty! Not many are to the Sartorialist standard though, but give it time! I however, will always look like a dork, even with a hot helmet :D

Susanna-Cole - Me too, if only I had the spare cash to ship a few containers across a few oceans, I could have us both stocked up! And no worries about the email, I took over a month to get back to you so there's no hurry :D