Olden Globes

I have a confession to make. A darling friend asked me today yesterday (yes, this post has taken me two days to finish!) what I thought about the fashion choices on the Golden Globe red carpet, and my response was a blank stare, followed by a long swig of coffee and a blatant attempt to change the subject ("So how about those two headed fish?"). Sure I'd seen brief glimpses of dresses, but nothing that particularly took my fancy, so I perused no longer. Kit without an opinion?! Outrageous!

As my shocked friend kindly reminded me, the awards season is now in full swing, and I MUST be up to date on these things. So when I returned to my trusty hunk o' computer, I had another look. On the whole, I think there are a number of stylists about to find themselves unemployed, but there were a few saving graces. (I'm still giggling that the Lanvin sack made a controversial appearance on quirkmeister Maggie Gyllenhaal!) And unsurprisingly, I'm on my own with a couple of these, with the general consensus amongst my daily fashion reads seemingly pointing towards the fact that I have no style or taste whatsoever. Probably why they run insanely successful blogs whilst I'm sitting here in my pyjamas, sipping tea and wondering how I've managed to kill 3 of my plants in as many weeks. Whatever, at least I have tea.

But I digress.

Amongst the sea of Blandy McBoring, there were two dresses that caught my eye. Specimen #1 as worn by Jenna Fischer (of "The Office" Americana fame, wearing Zuhair Murad) is probably not the ideal red carpet candidate, but as a light summery maxi-dress, I totally rate it. I tend to loathe about 99% of the prints I see on maxis, so the tick of approval is rare (and usually only given to dresses that are well outside my budget - typical!)

The jury is still out on Specimen #2, but from most angles, I think Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire, in Christian Lacroix) has absolutely nailed it. Sure there's some weird back detail that looks like a discoloured toilet paper trail, but if you ignore that, it's mustardy perfection. Ornate cuff bracelets and chandelier earrings just add to the loveliness.

And there are even some great specimens amongst the neutral pallettes. High School Musical sweetheart Vanessa Hudgens features here as Specimen #3 (in Alberta Ferretti), and although I would probably fall off my chair if someone tried to convince me I'd be in love with a peachy beigey mermaid-esque sequinned dress, I just can't help but love it! Simple double looped necklace, cute clutch and glossy waved hair...I'm glad she's finally getting publicity for being clothed!

And finally, Specimen #4 in the form of Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia!, wearing Stella McCartney.) Perhaps I love it because I'm still secretly hoping she'll reprise her role in the miraculously reinvented Veronica Mars, or perhaps I'm happy that someone other than Anne Hathaway is representing us ultra-fair skinned types. Albinos represent! But anyway, despite a few reviews that the dress wasn't particularly well fitted, I've yet to see any photos to back this up. All I see is a flattering cut, gorgeous material and a nice little splash o' shoulder bling.

And then...deja vu. Specimen 2, 3 and 4 all seemed to ring a distant bell. And suddenly, a vague memory resurfaced...that I had in fact promised to share a bit of Elie Saab love with you. Remember this?

Well let's just say that although Saab wasn't particularly well represented this year (dear, dear Beyonce, what were you thinking?!), we can all take solace in his stunning Spring 08 Couture collection, full of sparkling neutrals and the occasional splash of yellow. Perhaps I was in Christmas mode when I fell in love with this collection (accustomed to lots of shiny baubles and sparkly tinsel), but I'm still smitten.

[Click the image for a larger version and check out the sparkly goodness!]

I'm not usually keen on the ultra-blingy, but I'd make an exception for my new best friend, Elie.

[Click again, it's so worth it!]

And anyone who designs some killer yellow dresses is my BFF, more or less. The yellow looked very bright in these pictures though, as compared to the more mustard tone in the first image...so I thought I'd search for other images just to be certain.

And then...

The horror.

One of my favourite Saab dresses...

On Laura Linney.


Perhaps it's just me, but there is a fairly substantial list of actors/actresses that I simply cannot stand. There's no logical reason behind this loathing, but the hatred is palpable. And right up there in my top 5 of my Most Inexplicably Detested Actors is none other than Laura Linney (being kept company by Kevin Bacon, Marc Whalberg, Natalie Portman and the aforementioned Anne Hathaway.)

On the bright side, at least the yellow is less garish than the catwalk pics. But WHY on Laura Linney, WHY?! Curse her for looking so damn pretty!

*Deep breaths*

I decided to comfort myself with more red carpet goodness. And I found a few more goodies too, so honourable mentions go to...

The young guns! I haven't yet been able to find out who created the smashing orange number on Madeleine Zima (Californication), but I DO know that NZ girl Anna Paquin (True Blood) is wearing a amazingly understated aubergine Herve Leroux number that is so beautifully cut. I wish I had a better image of the ayssemetrical bodice, but I don't, so you'll just have to lean into the screen and squint. Or just take my word for it, whatever works.

And I can't go past this J. Mendel frock on Kate Beckinsale...ok that's a lie, I actually flicked right past it, but the more I saw of it, the more I came to love it. Another flattering bodice cut with just a dash of kooky and a tiny bit of bridal. I'm not super keen on the earrings, but I doubt Kate is worried.

And last but not least, fellow Aussie Melissa George (Grey's Anatomy) ups the kooky ante in this Giorgio Armani Prive dress. I usually despise powder blue as a rule, but if anyone can convince me otherwise, it's Giorgio. The cut looks a bit awkward from some angles, but in these two photos Melissa looks devine. For some unexplainable reason, the black detailing reminds me of Beetlejuice (I f'ing love that movie!)

Ok I'll admit it, I'm still hurting from the Laura Linney thing. But I know how to fix that...

Man candy! This time in the form of Australia's own Simon Baker (The Mentalist).

Ahhh that's better.

There's a lot to love and hate at awards nights, but talented lads in suits makes it all worthwhile...so bring on the awards season!

[Images + Info via Just Jared + FabSugar + Red Carpet Fashion Awards + Mama Mia + Socialite Life]


sofie said...

hahaha, your ffffound invite thing made me laugh out loud

Georgia B. said...

i didn't see the award show, but i agree with your picks! some really beautiful and unique dresses!

Vanya @ Endless Inspiration said...

Thank you for all your comments :)

My flat is rented, I got around the problem of holes in the door and upset land lord, by tying a ribbon around my wreath, taking the ribbon to the top of the door and pinning it with a very flat thumb tack. The beauty is no one looks at the top of the door and the flat thumb tack means the door closes without any problem. Best of Luck!

Re: snow in NZ, no snow in Welly, you'll need to go down to Queenstown or around Mt Ruapehu, middle of the North Island. Well worth a trip.

Ms Unreliable said...

Teehee thanks sofie, sadly nobody has taken up the offer yet, but I'm still hoping :D

Georgia - there was an awards show?! ;)

Ah Vanya, what would I do without you? I'd be wreathless and snowless all in one year! Genius idea RE the ribbon, I've put a reminder in my phone for December 1, otherwise I'll have forgotten by then! And I'll try stop by Welly on my way to the snow, your collection of pictures have convinced me it's totally worth it! (I never would have known it didn't snow in Wellington...I just asked Mr. Unreliable if it even snowed in Melbourne. A snow bunny I am not!)