Flat Out + Fashionably Late

So it turns out that the only thing more unreliable than little ol' me...is my little ol' immune system. I've been flat out (quite literally!) for the last few days, so whilst the move over to my shiny new domain is already in the works, the new look is not quite to my liking just yet.

I'll be honest; when I'm sick, I'm cranky, and when I'm cranky, I'm even more of a perfectionist than usual....often to the point of driving all those around me to near insanity (remind me to buy Mr. Unreliable a present this weekend...and some earplugs!)

So whilst my head is still in the medication-induced clouds and I'm still wrangling with the final touches on the new look, I offer you a sincere apology for the delay (I know you're just dying of suspense!) and a little Tim Gutt genius to tired you over.

Soon, my pretties!