Legs Eleven - Fall Fashion Favourites

I love colourful tights. I don't care what time of year it is, how hot it may be, or generally even where I'm going. I love them, and I love wearing them (...though not as pants. Because they're not pants! They're just not, so put on some pants or a skirt, please!)

Anyway, even though it can occasionally be a little inconvenient to be swooning over Winter clothing in the heat of Summer, and vice versa, this is a particularly exciting time of year for those like me who aren't quite ready to let go of Winter even when the temperature is hitting the 30's.

Don't get me wrong, I adore Springtime and I'm quite fond of lazy Summers spent at the beach too, but as far as fashion is concerned, Fall/Winter collections always seem to be my absolute weakness. I suspect the colourful tights may have a little something to do with this.

I could happily purchase every single item from Kate Spade's Fall collection. Quite happily. In fact, if Kate Spade ever wants to get on the Bloggers-as-Models bandwagon, I'm her girl! Alternatively, Kate Spade can also feel free to just send me her whole range. I'd be down with that.

And as a devoted fan of colourful tights and stockings, I love these looks in particular. Bright turqoise tights with hot pink accessories? Doesn't sound particularly appealing in theory, but somehow, Kate Spade manages to make it look good. More than good. Adorable even, and not even mildly reminiscent of the late 90s! (Seriously!)

On a slightly more demure note, I love the bold simplicity of Built by Wendy's Fall line. Unapologetic bursts of red can make an otherwise monochromatic outfit into a showstopper. Even the red patent flats add enough spice to an outfit to turn a few heads.

And last but not least, Cacharel. Dark greys with white polka dots, vibrant reds with patent black T-bars, and gunmetal greys with killer mustard heels. Swoony McSwoon.

Better still for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, plenty of these looks wouldn't be out of place in our Spring...or even our Summer for that matter.

Might be time to hide the credit cards!

[Cacharel and Built by Wendy via {frolic!}, Kate Spade via Oh Joy!]


katrina and the king said...

what's the opposite of pet peeve? Because that is how I feel about colored tights. Bring on the fall!

Claire said...

I cannot agree more about the "tights are not pants" sentiment. I hate leggings worn as trousers!! They're not trousers (note, exception for sports/gymming)

Jordan Clarke said...

Awesome post! I totally agree with you - I LOVE winter fashion. I think it's because you have so many more garments to mix and match. Now I want it to be winter again! Fabulous photos!!

Laura | The Journal of Cultural Conversation said...

Oh, I'm so bad at wearing tights, but you gave me some great ideas, as always!

glam.spoon said...

well, it's true. kate spade can do no wrong, but you are equally as fashionable for recognizing that fact. :)

Unknown said...

love these clothes !