Spring has Sprung - The Difference a Day Can Make

This time of year is so very satisfying, whether you happen to be in the Northern Hemisphere or down South with me. There's something truly enchanting about the changes that start appearing, leaf by leaf, petal by petal.

If you happen to follow my rants on Twitter, you'd know that I've been out of action for a few days now with a migraine...and whilst this would normally make me absolutely inhospitable, instead I feel it has been a blessing in disguise (a very nasty, painful disguise) to have allowed me to watch some monumental change in my little back terrace over the past few days. Allow me to demonstrate.

Migraine Day 1:

Migraine Day 2:

Migraine Day 3:

Migraine Day 4:

It really is amazing the difference a day can make. Now all that's left is for my Japanese Maple Tree to make a resurgence, and my Springtime bliss will be complete!

And shaking off this pesky migraine would be nice, too.