Derelicte - Detroit Disassembled

Today I'm posting a little more derelicte goodness that I came across on Sean Woolsey's site (more here) because you know me, once I get something in my head, it tends to stay there until something shiny distracts m...

Ooooh photos!

But seriously, le gasp. These heartbreaking neglected interiors are from “Detroit Disassembled," a book that thanks to Sean I am now completely obsessed with obtaining, but possibly not if it costs this much...oh alright, there's a $51 version too!

Nevertheless, this is the kind of ArchiPhotography that not only tugs at my heartstrings, but that also ignites in me the desire to respect, refurbish and restore...though quite possibly with all the layers in tact, including every single layer of graffiti! Anyone who has had the pleasure of visiting the Brisbane Powerhouse will know that I mean!

So Car City, I hope you know that despite your recent struggles, we still love you. A lot.

xx Kit

P.S. Just found this review and was struck by the inclusion of the term 'glimmer of hope' - for the sake of these beautiful buildings of Detroit, I'm so glad it's not just me who sees the potential or the promise. Rock on, Detroit!