On Top and In Between

Alright, perhaps I'm still not feeling quite on top of things, but I'm getting there. I ticked quite a few things off my To Do list today, so I'm feeling positive...which is good, because that's what this blog is all about.

And that's precisely why I want to share this playful 'Lost In Sofa' with you. It's not particularly my style anymore, and it's definitely something that wouldn't be at home in my own apartment, but from a design point of view I can't help but love it.

As someone who is constantly losing my mobile phone, remote controls, keys, books...and yes, even my coffee (le gasp!)...the idea of just being able to tuck it into my sofa as a means of finding my belongings rather than losing them in the first place...beyond genius.

And even better is the fact that I could hit up to four birds with one stone! One book appropriately slotted into place could hold my keys, coffee, phone, and even other books!

A very smart, very appealing design from Tokyo-based architects, Daisuke Motogi Architecture. In fact, this is one super-modern looking design that I'd consider changing my whole apartment around for...stick in a few flowers and I'd be right at home!

It's strange to think how much my style has evolved since I started THAT[unreliable]GIRL two whole years ago, especially as my aesthetic remained very much the same for many years prior, including my six delightful long years at Architecture School.

And while I continue to ponder my ever-evolving style, I hope you have an amazing weekend! I'll be spending my time off working on some very exciting design projects, including a great collaboration that I can't wait to share with you!

What do you have planned?

xx Kit

P.S. Thank you to Michaela for the link, via FastCo Design & DesignMilk.