Falling for Halloween

Hello! I hope you all had a marvellous weekend, complete with muchos Halloween festivities if that happens to be your vibe! I must confess, the extent of my holiday festivities lead me to paint my nails black, but otherwise my Sunday was much like any other...with the slight exception of actual exercise. We live in interesting times!

Meanwhile, I know I'm a day late but this image was one I meant to share with you last week, in my shortlived string of vaguely related Halloween posts.

I absolutely love the styling of these framed shelves (or is it a shelved frame?) by Monique over at Tipa Tipa. Complete with mini gourds and munchkin pumpkins (aww!) the end result is a little bit Fall inspired, and a little Halloween chic too. So very lovely - I'm looking forward to seeing how Monique restyles it as the seasons change.

Speaking of seasons, I think I might make the most of this rainy weather by digging out an old book or two.

What are you reading at the moment?

xx Kit