Indulgent Daydreaming - Sponsored Post

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know that I'm a bit (okay, a lot) of a when Nuffnang and Magnum Temptation challenged me to do some heavy duty daydreaming and ponder my own ultimate indulgence, it sounded right up my alley. But it gets better, because there could be $1000 in it for you, my endlessly patient and impeccably stylish Aussie readers (sorry international folk, I'll have a little something for you soon too!)

More details on that in a moment, but very own version of Indulgence (oh yes, with a capital 'I'), not surprisingly, involves two things;

[The Palace of Versailles, photography by moi!]

1. Travel.

And lots of it. I'm talking round-the-world, every corner of the earth kind of travel. A bit of First Class flying wouldn't go astray either, and when it comes to accommodation, the more stars the better! Perhaps even a little glamour camping glamping just to mix it up! Add a few safaris and the occasional adrenaline-pumping activity (shopping included!) and my travel experience will be just about complete.

I haven't left Australia in almost 8 years and I constantly have the itch to explore cities, all the way from their expansive town squares to their tiny back lanes. I feel the relentless urge to murder a few languages with my sorry attempts to order the simplest of foods. I can feel the alluring pull of the history, the architecture, the ambience of difference cultures and different times, and the bizarre desire to record my observations in 140 characters or less and perhaps even on some precious, discontinued film.

I want nothing more than to dig through overflowing book stores and pillage each and every cafe. To walk along the historic boulevards and great rivers and simply enjoy the 'otherness' of travel.

And then, for just a little while, I'd like my own slice of otherness, where I can be both exotic and unapologetically comfortable...

2. To Build A Home.

This one should come as no surprise. My life has revolved around architecture since primary school, and design is my obsession. Whilst my vocation has been the creation of amazing spaces and beautiful abodes for other people, my dream, my passion, is to create my own home.

My ultimate Indulgence would be a home, my home, that I could restore, renovate and repurpose to my heart's content. A home with history and character, one that I could bring back to its former glory, and perhaps even surpass it.

It doesn't matter if it's a tiny ramshackle apartment in Paris or a sprawling villa in the Tuscan hills (or maybe even a delapidated old mansion in Detroit!) as long as it has a story to tell, and as long as it's mine. (Beautiful views and an exotic location would help, but I'd always make an exception for the right house!)

Ahhhh, one day. Maybe. If I win the lottery and/or marry rich! (Muhaha, I hope Mr. U doesn't read that!)

But alas, I probaby won't be buying up any European property any time soon, but I can still dream...and so can you, especially if you get a big chunk o' cash to help you on your way!

All you have to do is play the game below, then leave a comment telling me how you'd splurge with $1000 at your disposal! Be sure to include your high score in your comment too, plus your preferred contact method, whether it be via your own blog, Twitter or your good ol' email address.

The most creative response (across the 23 participating blogs, as judged by the client) will receive $1000 cold hard cashola, so think big! If that's not an incentive to do some serious daydreaming, I don't know what is!

You have until midday Tuesday December 14 to get your entry in, and the winner of the $1000 schmackeroos will be announced on Friday December 17. How's that for an early Christmas present? would you indulge with $1000?