Sneaky Summer

For the last 3 months I've been patiently waiting for Spring to begin in earnest, with the beautiful bright days and cool-but-still-just-right evenings, and most importantly, perfect weather to break out some cute light cardigans, the occasional ruffled vest, and my new obsession, knee-high stockings with heels (I know, so Gossip Girl Season 1, I'm a late adopter...I also almost never wear heels!)

But alas, Sydney had other plans this year, and it seems that after a season of very odd, non-Spring-like weather, my fair city decided to jump straight into Summer in a truly outstanding fashion.

Away go the tights and stockings and cardigans, and out come the light dresses, cute flats and daily lashings of sunscreen (I go from zero to burnt in 5 minutes, tops!)

So...a little ode to the Summer ahead!

Bring it on!

xx Kit

P.S. I found most of today's images on deviantart, a huge community of amazingly talented artists. In the past I've used sites like weheartit to help source my images, but I just can't deal with clicking through pages and pages of people's tumblr just to find a circular link back to the original weheartit entry...not to mention the fact that so many artists aren't being properly credited or linked!

So, I'm sorry weheartit, it's about time we went our separate ways.

It's not me, it's you.

[As always, please click on the images for the original sources, and check out some amazing galleries in the process!]