Dancing on Rooftops

Just when I was starting to get excited about winter, the skies are blue, the breeze is warm and the temperature is hovering around the 27°C (80°F) mark. Woe is me!

I suppose I can contemplate the joys of warmer weather for a little longer then, if I must.

I wouldn't mind doing so from this holiday house near Minamiboso, Japan.

Nestled between the mountains and the ocean, the main living areas of the house open out towards the view.

This view.

And this view.

And this view. What could possibly be better?

A roof garden, that's what!

In a crafty money-saving exercise, the architects (Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP) decided against traditional roofing materials and instead went with the green option. Literally. Green roofs are nothing new of course, especially in Japan where even the largest of cities boast an impressively high ratio of rooftop gardens, but there's something impossibly alluring about your own personal field of daisies in which to frolic. Whilst watching the sun set. Over the ocean.

I would like to live here please.

[Via Frolic!]


please sir said...

Sounds great to me...what a wonderful escape too!

Chelsea said...

Isn't it the loveliest?

Michelle Parks McCourt said...

gorgeous, love the views.

simoncorry said...

i want!


Ms Unreliable said...

please sir - Absolutely, if this was my "weekend house", I doubt I'd ever return to the city! Or work for that matter :D

chelsea - It tis indeed, thank you for sharing it with us!

Michelle Parks McCourt - Me too, 180 degree ocean views = perfection. Even without an awesome house!

mylaststar - Ditto! Maybe if we all pool together a few million dollars, we can all buy it together and then just timeshare! I'll take summer :D Love your illustrations by the way, they remind me of Invaner Zim (which I love, adore and miss!) Mega congrats on the NotCot feature too!

sabby(: said...

Wow, yeah the places are beautiful. I actually had a friend who had a house under ground like that, it was awesome, stayed really warm in the winter too! (: i like your blogs!

nikole said...

wow! beautiful.