Fabric Flower Power - Crafty Ways to Ward off Winter

All the northern hemisphere Spring excitement has me wishing I'd planted more flowers in my garden when I had the opportunity. Now I have two empty half barrels and no idea what to plant in Sydney's crazy excuse for Autumn.

But when all else fails, get crafting I say.

I LOVE these fabric boutonnieres that come to us via Once Wed (via Laurie Cinotto, via housemartin, all lovely blogs that you should check out!) The tutorial looks so manageable that I'm already planning which old clothes I can hack up and make into a floral masterpiece. Stay tuned for that one kids!

These delightful flowers are actually cotton jersey. Ingenious! The DIY kit is available via Alabama Chanin (which comes to us via Design Lovely - thanks Rachel!)

Ah Springtime! I think I may already be having withdrawals, no matter how much I love winter fashion. It must be time to revisit the amazing work of Martin Klimas and see about getting some flowery artwork on my walls! Le Sigh.

Northern hemisphere ladies and gentlemen - what do you most look forward to during Spring?

Southern hemisphere ladies and gentlemen - how about Autumn? Love the leaves, looking forward to Winter, or lamenting the loss of Spring? (I think I'm all three!)


Krista said...

These are so adorable!!

Hailey said...

I'm in the northern hemisphere and I am SO tired of snow! I'm craving warm sun and pretty flowers.

Lynne said...

These are really cute! A great idea to maximise the effects of spring.

Michelle Parks McCourt said...

lovely bursts of happiness. Spring is here.

trishie said...

I really love autumn too, but i dread the coming of winter. Me too am in sydney!
I love the fabric flowers...off to check out the tutorials now!