Short and Sweet

I'm short on time and braincells today my dear readers, but I just wanted to pop in and thank jewelry design extraordinaire Jess L.C. for not only creating lovely accessories, but for helping out many worthy causes too. Jess masterminded a competition last week where she offered up 7 of her fantastic Soc Chic necklaces to 7 fantastic blogs! Each necklace design benefits a different (and deserving!) cause, and one lucky reader got to take their pick of the lot too!

And I know I moan on and on about my terrible luck and how before this year I'd never won a thing in my life. Well guess what?! I won...TWO! Crazy! But I didn't want to hog all the good vibes, so I decided to keep my "Lucky in Bed" necklace (teehee!), and let the other gorgeous necklace go to another loving home.

You can guess why I decided to hold onto this one right. Yes, I really am that transparent. Because it's a COOKIE! I love cookies as a general rule (who doesn't?!), but fortune cookies are just divine. They're right up there with double chocolate chip. Mmmm cookies. (Teehee, it reminds me of "Dance Biscuits!")

So a very, very huge thank you to Jess for such lovely jewelry, a genius competition and for supporting so many great causes (my cookie supports - go check it out!) And another big thanks to all the lovely ladies who hosted the competitions, especially Rachel at Design Lovely and Cassandra at coco+kelley. Thank you ladies!

I am feeling the LOVE tonight! And I plan to share it round, I really do! But for now, I'm going to go do what I do best in bed...Sleep! (No really, I'm pretty sure I was a koala in a past life!) Take care kittens!

[P.S. I'm still catching up on emails and comments - I hope to get back on track tomorrow so keep 'em coming! :D ]


K.Line said...

The cookie is adorable!

William Street Store said...

These are so sweet!! I definitely need to get my hands on one.

Gorgeous post darling x

Jess Constable said...

Hi Kit,

Thanks for the shout out! And thank you even more for being so generous and sharing your luck this week with others. Good Karma!

Your necklace goes in the mail tonight, so keep a lookout :)


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

That lucky in bed necklace is really making me laugh:)

Chocolate and Steel said...

What a fantastic idea! and the design and craftsmanship are superb. Congrats on your win:)