Dress It Up Down the Aisle

OK, so we've established that I'm not really a super girly girl, despite my love of frilly dresses, flowers, cupcakes and all sorts of other girly things. We've even established that I'm not really the type of girl who's grown up planning her perfect wedding, despite my confession that I'd actually like to marry this Oscar de la Renta dress (yes, actually get married TO the dress).

So you'll have to excuse me, but I really need to get this out of my system. My Secret Wedding Obsession folder is overflowing with goodness, and the latest gorgeous dresses from Sarah Seven have totally pushed me over the edge.

Available from her official site and from her Etsy store, I'm in love with her whole collection. And yes, you may notice a trend. I'm all about the short bridal dresses. Why? Allow me to explain through interpretive dance. Or perhaps just more images.

I've already blogged about this amazing Makool dress long, long ago, but I remain ever so smitten, lace and frills and all! And it's still available, rejoice!

I love this cute little mystery dress found over at Brooklyn Bride too! It's belted, ruffly, it has pockets, and it's worn with stunning turquoise shoes. Could it BE any more adorable?!

Also loving these Rose and Ruby dresses from their Autumn/Winter 2009 line. I came across these pretties at Polka Dot Bride, and I've been coveting them ever since. Why have a wedding dress you only wear once when you can have an exquisite and versatile dress you can wear again and again? I know some fashionistas would balk at the idea of being seen in the same outfit, you know, ever, but suck it up kids! Hard times are upon us and we owe it to the environment to NOT wear a new outfit every single day, dagnammit!

Anyhoo, back to dresses. Looking to the catwalks (and Polka Dot Bride again, bless!), I can't quite decide if I prefer the more demure options, or if I'd just go all out bling.

Speaking of, I have to throw in a little Elie Saab while we're here! It wouldn't be Fashionistas Friday without some ultra Elie bling, after all!

These lacey little numbers conjure images of outdoor Spring weddings under the canopy of trees, or perhaps even a relaxed beach ceremony.

Or there's always the quirky alternative, like contrasting soft layers with a leather strapped belt a la Celine, or just hooking up an Ann Demuelemeester frock, complete with delicate beading and haphhazard layers.

So many dresses, so few men to marry (no wonder Elizabeth Taylor was so familiar with the Bridal Waltz, and who could blame her?!) But back to the point, you can barely talk about weddings without talking about Jennifer Behr, and it's not difficult to see why. When I saw this gorgeous birdcage veil (is that what it's called? Do I sound like I know what I'm talking about?) over at Brooklyn Bride, I found myself trying to find excuses to wear it in every day life. To the races? Sure. To the supermarket? Why not?! Around the house? What the hell! So what if your neighbours start calling you "that veiled nutjob who always talks about croissants" to your face, at least they're acknowledging your enviable style. Sort of.

Anyway, I have to share these gorgeous rings with you too, because they're simple, understated and perfectly proportioned for little fingers like mine. I think I'd have them in white gold, although they do look so very pretty in gold too, even to a non-gold person like yours truly.

I know I go on about wedding and engagement photography a fair bit (like here and here), and I could probably fill a whole blog with all my favourites, but instead I'll just share the latest slice of lovely from Max Wanger. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better than balloons, Max decides to up the ante and get some candy involved too. And a theme park. ON A PIER! Go check out Grace + Dominic's stunning photos (under Love + Marriage, obviously) this very minute. No wait, finish reading this first, then go have a look.

Although this isn't strictly bridal photography, it could be. It SHOULD be. Because what bride doesn't want to skip through daisies with her bridesmaids in tow?

[Photo from New York Magazine 2007 via East Side Bride]

Lastly, my own personal pièce de résistance. I LOVE this. I love this more than Oscar de la Renta. But there's a problem. I like to think that I'm cool enough (and brave enough) to wear a killer yellow Nina Ricci dress with a Junya Watanabe for Comme des Garcons leather jacket, but I'm pretty sure I'm neither. So I will leave this lovely lady with her own rocking individual style, and I shall find my very own. Somewhere. If I ever feel compelled to walk down the aisle, that is.

In the meantime however, have a lovely weekend!


KittyMeow said...

Great post!! Looooove everything - you have impeccable style :-D

I too have a secret wedding obsession - even have a folder in my Reader just for wedding blogs...being a girl like you who never planned her wedding as a kid either, its a bit unsettling isn't it? Lol :-))

red.door.read said...

i love that second dress so much!

and the one with the lacy bodice/little cap sleeve.

jana said...

A lil bummed here, just left a comment and it disappeared.

Ok, love the post, love the backdrops for the photos as much as the photos themselves; feminine softness against rusty teal decayed walls, could it get any better---well, maybe the perfectly added tone on tone floral applique to the walls --thanks; this was amazing in entirety and it makes me think my post today about the duck in our driveway was way lame, but hey, I'm in my second week blogging so come on, I am pacing myself. You are amazing and thank you :)


Biba said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures :)

Unknown said...

Ok so I think I want it all.!!! Serious inspiration here.


Anastasia said...

such a beautiful post...love all the images! the ruby&rose lace dress is stunning, ive seen it somewhere cant remember but i love it!!
i think a shorter wedding dress is super chic!!

Polka Dot Bride said...

Gorgeous wedding roundup! I love your style! You always pick my favourites

Ms Unreliable said...

KittyMeow - Haha absolutely, Mr. Unreliable knows NOTHING of my secret wedding obsession, so I hope he doesn't visit here any time soon :D

red.door.read - Me too, I'd totally wear them sans wedding! That's the great thing about short wedding dresses!

Jana - Thanks for commenting again, Blogger tends to be a little hungry for comments on this blog for some reason, it eats them often :O And don't knock your duck post lady, it was awesome! If I had a driveway, I'd want ducks on it too :D As I said before, I never would have guessed your blog is only a few weeks old! You're off to a flying start my friend, looking forward to seeing more :)

Biba - Thank you! Loving all the white eye-candy over at your blog too! And all the colourful eye-candy too for that matter!

Leigh - Teehee me too, glad you like!

AnastasiaC - The Ruby&Rose lace dress is one of my absolute favourites too! I found it on Polka Dot Bride, maybe you saw it there too?

Polka Dot Bride - And speak of the devil! Thanks so much for having a looksee, it took me a while but I finally put it together! I'm in awe of how you find so much great stuff every single day! <3

Srividya said...

Love the images. You've got a great writing style. Great blog :)