The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


A little while ago I reported that despite the year starting off in a less than desirable fashion, everything seemed to getting be back on track. Part of my newfound optimism had to do with the fantastic opportunity to undertake a little written assignment for one of my favourite bloggers. Well guess what kids?!

The latest Mankind Mag is out, and in there you might just happen to come across your favourite croissant-obsessed Aussie (hopefully me!) hanging out with amazing French designer extraordinairre, Romain Lenancker. And I promise you, I TRIED to resist all temptation to ask him about croissants, but as you'll see, I failed.

Fortunately Romain humoured me, and it was great to learn more about his fabulous work! Super thanks to the lovely Erin, the marvellous lady behind Design for Mankind, and of course Mankind Mag.


Blogger not only seems to have developed an appetite for your wonderful comments, but also seems to have decided that it won't let you comment at all on some occasions! How rude, Blogger!

Now I'm told that this could be because I use embedded comments and I have a "highly customised" blog template, and it would appear that my latest little renovation has made the problem even worse. Eek!

But bear with me, I shall dust off my hacker ninja outfit a little later today and see if I can get Blogger to behave! Thank you to all who have let me know about the iss-ee-yooz (that's Australian* for issues of course) and thank you to those who have managed to sneak a comment past the evil Blogger door wench.


Ok I didn't actually have anything to put here until I felt the compelling urge to use the term iss-ee-yooz. And when I say the term is Australian, I actually mean Oss-traaah-yan. If you've ever watched the original Oss-traah-yan version of Kath and Kim, you'd know what I mean.

If you've only seen the US version however, my apologies...mainly for having to watch it, but also for having no idea what I'm talking about. On the bright side however, this time next week the season finale of the US version of Kath and Kim will have aired, and we'll all be safe once more.

5 comments: said...

ooh, how exciting for you! great job.

Esther Diehl said...

Congrats on the writing gig. I can't wait to check it out.

While I was living in Australia (04-05), there was a family I spent a lot of time with that loooved Kath and Kim.

It's funnier to me now than it was then.

Unknown said...

Congrats! I am off to read away.
Well deserved :)

William Street Store said...


Ahhh i love kath and kim, i have a rather large pile of australian dvds like kath & kim, we can be heroes and summer heights high. I make my french boyfriend watch them and while I am sitting, watching and laughing my head off, he sits their very silently as he has no idea what is being said. Ahh god bless australian tv shows.

(omg the american version is horrible!!!)

Enjoy the rest of your day xx

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

that interview sounds great! off to check it out now, also it seems Blogger is in a good mood today for letting us comment? ;)