Cheer Up Tuesday

These four simple words of encouragement come to us from the Cheer Up California project by American trio Neon Gray, and I SO needed a little boost today. After far more Easter eggs and hot cross buns than I care to admit, my chocolate hangover has yet to pass...but it was so worth it! I regret nothing!

I'd really like to be here right about now though...

Anyone know where I can order a field of daisies? Pansies or poppies would also be acceptable. Sunflowers too, perhaps, but only the little ones please. The really tall sunflowers are scary for small folk like me. I used to have nightmares about giant ants thanks to a certain Rick Moranis masterpiece which I shall now lovingly rename Honey, I Shrunk The Kit (awesome opening credits by the way!) Whoa look out! The chocolate hangover has regressed to the dangerous 'Dad Jokes-itis' phase with acute 'Referencing 1980's Movies-ococcal' symptoms! Nap time, stat!

Before I go...have you checked out That Unreliable Girl's very first Giveaway Goodness?! We're talking Shiny Squirrel prints that are so gorgeous, they even cure chocolate hangovers!*

*Results may vary.


The King Family said...

cheer up unreliable! I was feeling the same way last night. Funny Story; My mom, as a young child used to open the door to greet people and say "I'm Okie-Dokie, You Dumbey-Dopey" your balloon encouragement reminded me of that ! :)

Char said...

I do so love wisteria...gorgeous pick.

I love the inspirational signs too

Helen Cox said...

My mum has a book of that title "I'm OK you're okay" it's helped her no end! I love those images and that girl in the field of inspiring!

Big Mark 243 said...

Pretty neat entry ... living in a metro area, there are no big field filled with wild flowers ... but they are filled with something!

Like the message ... because when it is all said and done, we are just that ... OK!

Anonymous said...

it took me a week to get over my easter hangover. stupid chocolate bunnies.

the red balloons.. i want to get a whole bunch of them and run around in the forest.