Thank You Thursday - Round 2

The second round of love is for the many wonderful bloggers who run fabulous competitions for our viewing pleasure! I've been uncharacteristically lucky of late, so more thank you's are in order!

I mentioned back in early March that I'd won a gorgeous "Lucky in Bed" necklace by the very talented Jess L.C. over at Design Lovely. It arrived and was somehow even more adorable than the I imagined! As predicted, Mr. Unreliable was very pleased with this win too! Thank you again to Jess and Rachel, and to all the other great bloggers who took part. Check out Jess's other Soc Chic necklace designs - a percentage of proceeds from every necklace goes to a different (and very worthy) charity.

Next up I won this adorable necklace from the talented lady behind one of my favourite Etsy stores, YellowGoat. Look at my little top hats, awwww!

I just have to share some of the latest goodies in the YellowGoat Etsy store too, these are all well and truly on my wishlist!

Just in case cute cuffs and keepsake rings weren't enough...clouds, planes and silhouettes!! Best. Headband. Ever.
And if all that luck wasn't enough, I even won a great little Twitter contest by graphic designer extraordinaire, yaelfran! I have a set of adorable illustrations that I can print to my little heart's content, and as soon as I'm organised enough to buy adhesive paper, I'm going sticker crazy! Look at these little guys, how cute are they?!

Yaelfran's Esty store is stocked full of even more adorable illustrations, but here are a few of my favourites.

Awwww mini koala! And is that a little thumbs up I see? Very Australian, I love it!

Thank you all for your wonderful blogs and your fun giveaways too! I hope to be able to share a little of that love around soon, so stay tuned for details!


Yellowgoat said...

You're a very lucky lady indeed! So happy you like the necklace, I always love to know real people actually wear my creations. ;D

Oh, Thank you for the great comments for my other things. I can't say I'm not absolutely swimming in joy with the best headband ever comment. ;P

Oh, and love, Love yealfran's illustrations!

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

I hate your beautiful blog!

Ms Unreliable said...

Yellowgoat - Hehe I wish I had a better camera, I'd take a photo of my wearing it on an almost daily basis (it's sharing valuable neck time with the Lucky in Bed necklace of course!) And it's such a great headband, I'm glad you've made it available in your store!

AlpHa Buttonpusher - Haha I'm not sure if I should find that as funny as I do...that's a compliment, right? :D

Kirti said...

lovely blog...I'm enjoying it so much

Anonymous said...

aaaaaaargh everything I find on your blog is so cute and pretty!!