Hey Ladies! Hot & Cold Giveaway Goodness!

You heard right! Sorry if there happens to be any lads that read this blog (say hello if you exist!), but this week's Giveaway Goodness is all about the ladies.

Did you notice the plural? Oh yes my friends, because this week there won't be one winner, there will be TWO! Twice as much Giveaway Goodness, what a way to start the week!

And as if that wasn't exciting enough, this giveaway comes to us from soon-to-be TV star Kristin Hassan, the exceptionally talented lady behind organiK Revolution.

Based in Chicago, Kristin is one of the 15 contestants on "The Fashion Show", a fashion meets reality TV show that I probably won't get to see for another 3 years (I really should invest in Pay TV!), and she has kindly offered two pieces from her current line to you, dear readers!

All you have to do is to mosie over to the organiK Revolution shop, have a little look around, then mosie on back here and tell us all about which piece you're coveting...but there's a catch! We're drawing a line in the sand and there's no room for fence-sitting! You have to declare your love for Summer or Winter...hot or cold! The Summer-lovin' types will be in the running for this hot little black dress...

...and the Winter-lovers will be lining up for this Veronica wrap to keep them toasty-warm when the temperature drops. The Winter winner will even have the choice of blue, berry, or yellow! Decisions decisions!

So declare your allegiance! Are you all about the sun or the snow? The sunscreen or the scarves? The sunstroke or the...OK you get the point.

And while we're talking about the elements, did I mention that organiK Revolution is an 'Earth Positive' brand? Kristin designs with sustainable materials like soy jerseys and organic cottons, and all items are produced in Chicago! But that's only the tip of the iceberg (excuse the pun) - read a little more about organiK Revolution's mission here, and don't forget to tune into the premiere of "The Fashion Show" on Bravo...May 7...be there!

Oops! I forgot to mention the fine print! This fantabulous giveaway ends on Saturday 11:59pm AEST, and the winners will be selected using random.org and will be notified by email and announced right here on Monday too!


Bee said...

Ohhh I love both. But I have to go for Summer. THAT DRESS IS GORGEOUS!

I also looove the Diandra Bip Top.

Great giveaway!

Claire said...

I was winter, but I've become a (not-too-hot!) summer girl - lazing about in grassy meadows with a picnic and friends is my idea of heaven. Fab fab dress!

Dominic said...

Hello, I exist.

That little black dress is seriously... wow.

But still, not entering (don't think I could pull it off...), just letting you know there is at least one guy reading...

KyaLyn said...

I've never posted here before but, I've been lurking. I love checking out the pictures you post. It makes my day so much better. Thank you

I'm a winter girl. Give me snow and gray days all the time and I'll be happy!

I love the Ramzi Henley shirt. Simple, but fun with the asymmetrical zipper.

Helen said...

I love summer as that's when my birthday is and I just love the sun, but I've got to say in this case winter! I live in England anyway and those summer evenings can get chilly so that cardigan would be the perfect coverup!

Belle said...

You never cease to amaze me!! What a doll you are!!
Ok, I am definitely summer considering the moment I step onto snow I fall!
Summer all the way!!!
(And its soon to be summer here woohoo!!!)

(also darling, I am featuring your blog for my next "favourite" post!! It usually goes up on Tuesdays but I will be posting it on wednesday - i know rebel!! Today has been crazy re stress and the visa so tomorrow we are just going to enjoy and have fun and not worry about anything!! The interview went really well!! So now we wait and hopefully soon we will get notice that the visa has been approved!! yeahhh!! I will let you know when your special feature is up on my blog darling)

teacupsinpeony said...

oh how i wish it could be summer year long. picnics, ocean, suntan smells, tank tops, and of course cute cute dresses like that one! (although the winter one is to die for also) but i choose the hot humid summer! thank you for all of your giveaways, they always make my days!

The King Family said...

Great write up! I'd choose the pink "revolutionary" shirt because it is bright, simple, and stands out for a good cause oh and of course has the letter "K" in it for me :) I'll put buying it on hubs to do list.

I'd like the black dress for my summer move to NYC and public wedding reception.

I was thinking about it, you should record a pod-cast of you reading a post and post it on your blog so we can all hear your brilliant aussie accent!!!

PS: Kit, how do I contact shiny squirrel to sell things on there as well? I tried e-mailing them but nothing yet.

Amber said...

it is beautiful, so while the winter is lovely, I am a summer girl! \

un bel oiseau said...

Oh yes...SUMMER! i must be the happiest girl ever now that my summer shoes have come out to play! I to love that little black summer dress! lovely!


Beatriz Kim said...

Definitely summer gal here! Just love the dress, but I don't know if it's too short for me. Though I keep saying that I can still wear it! Or maybe I'll add some lace...okay going crazy here!

Great Giveaway! Just fabulous!

I'm saving the site for my future shopping endeavors!

Chi Designs said...

I LOVE the Maddie dress - lucky it's one you're giving away! :)

I pick Summer, I'm from Brisbane, Australia and there isn't always a great need for Winter clothes!

Lisa said...

Thanks for showing us this great site and for hosting the contest. I love the lindsay tank on the site, although all of their clothes look beautifully made and quirky.

I'm a summer girl. Sometimes I feel like a lizard, always trying to soak in the warmth. I would love to soak up the sun in that gorgeous dress.

Mrs.Rotty said...

I'm a winter girl. Living in the NW, you have to love winter cause we dont' get much summer!

I love this! and i totally love this shop!
and i'm loving the Minnie Tunic!!

LG said...

I love winter... maybe I mostly romanticize 'real' winters because I live in Southern California... <3

Polka Dot Bride said...

I LOVE Winter! Give me hot chocolate, rain and snuggling under a quilt watching movies on Sundays over hot sticky weather any day!

Pity my winter wardrobe consists of big ugly woolen jumpers, beanies and scarves to keep me warm! I'm loving the Veronica Wrap!

ChrissyRae said...

I am definitely a summer girl! Who could resist laying out in grassy fields reading a novel like "Lolita," getting a group of girls together to have tea parties on the veranda, and picnics with that summer romance:) You can't forget the freedom of road trips to the ocean, or getting up early to sit on the porch and watch the sunrise. I'm so excited for college to be out, and get some quality time to hang out with the family, and catch up with old friends during our book club. That summer dress would be perfect for the family reunion we are having at a chic little hotel in July.

Kristen Hassan’s line is absolutely beautiful. I love her clothing, and how it inspired me to want to start buying green, and be more conscious of the environment. Her colors, designs, and simplicity with a touch of edge are fab! I am definitely going to have to buy the Michele Tank to wear for those breezy summer days and going out with friends! Thanks!

Summer time, and the living is easy!

Amy said...

I am a winter girl - that's why I moved to Minnesota! I love sitting inside watching the snow fall during while watching a good football game! And I love boots! I am also a cardigan/wrap junkie cause I don't want to give up my fun tshirts!
That being said I love the Join the Revolution tees - they would look great under the Veronica wrap! Please pick me!

Sauce said...

I am a summer girl trapped in Montana - sigh. We had a day almost 80 last week...I smiled until it snowed two days later.

Love the little headbands - fun, flirty and super cute! Also a big fan of the Brett Raglan Dress (what can I say I have long legs and love cute little dresses to show them off).

Please bring a little summer to my Montana!

Chelsea Ann said...

Winter is my favourite.
Even though I like in the tropics, I absoloutly love scarves, stockings, coats and the like. This wrap is very very pretty.


Helen said...

I'm a winter girl for sure but oh I do love the look of the Minnie Tunic, first tunic that I like the nice, basic style of it!

Carrie said...

I'm actually an autumn girl and those lovely little wraps are to die for!
So, even though I've had my fill of snow for awhile...WINTER!


Freya said...

Summer for sure!!

Man, I love that black dress. The Michele Tank is so chic too.


Anonymous said...

In this case I'm going to have to say winter. Wow, just wow! That sweater looks so sweet and toasty! I also love the michele tank!

Anonymous said...

I meant the lisa tank, whatev. They are all so cute!

lauren nicole said...

beautiful beautiful. i'm in love with the michele tank.

but i'm declaring my love for the black dress!! love it too!

- lauren nicole


Life in a Cube said...

Pick me! Pick me!
Loving your blog btw.


LunaKatt said...

Definately Summer!

And I so want the Ange Top! Love it...

email: kristie@desartdesigns.net

Sara Hopp Harper said...

I live in the deep south so I'm definitely summer!

I covet the Ange top...love love love it. The Jillian tank is great too.

Sara Hopp Harper said...

Oops- forgot my email:


Daydream Lily said...

winter for me :) gorgeous clothes!!

Jana Souza said...

winter for me Kit; although both are just grand.

you are rockin the give aways :)

anthropossum said...

I'm a Winter girl I love being snuggly warm in lots of wooly clothes. My Favorite of their gorgeous range is the wrap in berry.

allyholly x said...

summer summer summer...That dress is far too amazing to be covered up in a coat and boots!

K.Line said...

What a great giveaway, Ms. U! I'm a winter girl and I like the Grace tank with the zip back. Thanks so much, K

Nikki said...

definitely a summer girl, here!

I LOVE the Maddesin dress and the Jillian tank.... what a great giveaway!

poet said...

Hi there, hope I'm not too late - I would definitely go for the winter item, in blue if you please, even though I live in a place that would be called rather summery by most: it gets scarily foggy and quite windy here sometimes, and cooler than you'd expect in the evenings (in fact, I had to suffer a few colds before I adjusted). In the daytime, however, it is too warm for "real" jackets - so I'm always in need of more cardigan-like things. This wrap version is lovely!


email: poet_of_babylon@gmx.de

robin_titan said...

I love the Gabbie zip dress it's adorable! ..And so is that black one :)

I love the summer!! I love the winter too but I love the summer slightly more hehe :)

Anon.... said...

Hard choice... but I am for sure a summer gal!!!


Jason and Jen said...

I'm not on the fence at all!! I LOVE the winter option. The Veronica Wrap is gorgeous!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Nikki said...

wow, just realised I forgot my email yesterday: capturethegreen@gmail.com.

K said...

I love that Ange Top, but I'm a winter girl! Love that wrap! Great giveaway and awesome clothes!

email: kablog05-photo (at) yahoo.com

Alyse Zimmer said...

I love the summer dress! So adorable!
I also love her headbands, they are so retro-fab!


Sado said...

I'm a summer type all the way! I simply waste away in the winter :D

Tough choice, but I think I'll go with the Christine tank top - it's special in a elegant sort of way. I like!

Sado said...

Oh, euhm, also: should I win *taps wood* please notify by blog comment, I'm a bit squeamish about publicly posting my e-mail.

Anonymous said...

Summer, definitely. I love it when I don't have to wear a coat and I can wear sandals!

RocketGirl said...

I'm a summer girl definitely :) I've just moved back to Sydney and is coolllldddd, but I'm going to pretend it's still summer! That gorgeous hot little black number would certainly help maintain my imaginary summer for a bit longer ;)

I love the Jillian Tank- beautifully simple yet pretty at the same time.

Thnx xx Nicky
gorgeousbuydesign @ hotmail.com

Chloe said...

I'm a winter girl- I love the cozyness and warmth of sitting next to the fire and reading a good book :) definately my cup of tea..

My favourite piece is the Diandra Bib Top- definately on my wish list :)


Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

I'm a summer baby (born in June) so summer is the only season for me ;)