Caster Sugar - Squeals on Wheels

I have a strange obsession with furniture on casters, so much so that when I saw this amazing roundup on desire to inspire, I literally clapped my hands together and squealed with glee.

I'm not particularly phased by the functionality of moveable furniture, though I do giggle at the thought of wheeling my bed around screaming 'Canyoneroooooo' a la The Simpsons.

But back to my point, it's not the ease of cleaning or any other such practical nonsense considerations (because let's be honest, domestic duties don't really sit near the top of my priorities list!)

Perhaps it's the hint of movement, and the promise of change that keeps me coming back to casters...even if they're embedded so deeply in the carpet that any such change would require the lifting strength of four men.

Or maybe it's the industrial/rural/institutional edge that casters can give to an otherwise unassuming item - something just a little bit out of place in a super-modern setting, but still somehow just right. A dash of subtle contrast to liven things up a little.

Or...maybe it's all of the above. Especially the bit about The Simpsons.

P.S. Tiny Ten Tuesdays will return next week, complete with a little surprise! Eeeeeek, so excited!