Happily Unhappy

Tumblr has always been a great place to find a little inspiration, but it's increasingly becoming a failsafe place to find a good laugh too. From the harsh and hilarious realities of Clients from Hell, to the slightly obscure artworks of Selleck Waterfall Sandwich (yes, it is exactly what it sounds like), through to newcomer and one of my personal favourites, Unhappy Hipsters.

"We’re not ready to go out there yet, honey.
And besides, didn’t I do a pretty good job bringing the outside in?"

The combination of stylish abodes (from Dwell back issues) with slightly snarky captions is a winner in my books. I've lamented that architectural photography often lacks the warmth of human inhabitants, but evidently, the two don't necessarily go hand in hand.

If a dash of bitterness and a dollop of sarcasm don't do it for you, you can always just revel in the gorgeous featured homes. Thanks to my fearful hipster friends above, I'm absolutely enamoured with these light fittings.

Custom designed by the project architects, UrbanLab, these lovely luminaires won't be gracing my little apartment any time soon, but I can dream, and dream I shall!

[Photography by Christopher Sturman for Dwell]