Pimp My Prints

As cliché as the work of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec may be, I have three prints that I think deserve a place on my walls. It's not the prints I adore so much as the memory of buying them from a tiny corner store in Paris...in true dorky tourist fashion of course!

But I have a problem - I can't for the life of me decide which kind of framing looks best, so naturally I'm asking you (if you're reading this, you obviously have great taste!)

If you happened to have sliiiiightly off-white walls, Boring McBland beige carpets and a colour scheme full of whites, creams, warm greys and unavoidable splashes of stainless silver ..which would you choose?

L-R 1. Black, Plain | 2. Black, Simple

3. Black, Shabby | 4. Black, Ornate

5. White, Simple | 6. White, Shabby

7. Silver, Simple | 8. Silver, Ornate

Vote away!

P.S. A gazillion years ago I did a similar post when I couldn't decide how to restore my Brady-Bunch-esque bookcase, and you'll be pleased to know I took your wise advice, told Mr. Unreliable to shove it, and painted that baby gloss white! There are photos lying around here somewhere...