Wallpaper, The Westwood Way

Vivienne Westwood does wallpaper. Oh yes my friends, and the results are just as unpredictable as the lady herself. In amongst the trademark tartans and the ubiquitous Union Jack are some surprisingly demure designs, and even a Marimekko-esque mod inclusion or two.

[Left: Squiggle | Right: Cut-out Lace]

[Left: Magnolia | Right: Absence of Rose]

[Left: Tartan | Right: Vivienne's Lace]

Much of the collection features familiar patterns with a Westwood twist, all in an enviable array of colour options that range from light and neutral to bold and brash.

Though it doesn't get much bolder than trademark Vivienne Westwood - I can't help but love the tattered and tarnished Union Jack or the flamboyant tartan ruffles of Trompe l'oeil Drape (even if I'd never be brave enough to put them on my own walls!)

[Top Left: Vivienne's Lace | Top Right: Cut-out Lace]
Bottom Left: Paper Jewellery | Bottom Right: Dogtooth]

For whiteophiles like me however, it's hard to go past the detail and depth of Vivienne's Lace (above, top left) or Cut-out Lace (above, top right). Go have a looksee on the Cole & Son website for more detailed images if you don't believe me!

Now...to just convince my landlord!

[via indesignlive]