Tiny Ten Tuesday - Jessica Klingelfuss

Well hello and welcome to a shiny new Unreliable series, Tiny Ten. That's right, ten tiny questions for one hugely talented creative type. Photographers, artists, musicians, fashionistas and even fellow bloggers - it's all happening right here!

But enough of my babble, let's jump into the very first Tiny Ten with the immensely talented Sydney photographer, Jessica Klingelfuss.

I have no clue; I would say gray since my wardrobe is mostly comprised of that colour so I must be drawn to it! Surprising considering how much colour I inject in my photographs. I could more easily tell you though which colours I really dislike (keep me far away from pink and certain shades of yellow, bleh).

Polaroid SX-70.This is a difficult question as I am so torn between the two great camera loves of my life (the other being Hasselblad)! Even though I rarely show my Polaroids, I actually do shoot a pack off at most of my editorial shoots. One day I will gather them all up, have them carefully blown up and beautifully mounted, and show them in an exhibition.

Sophie Delaporte is my favourite photographer of all time. She is the only one who has ever inspired me to see through the lens in the way that I do. there are other artists that I admire and whose work I adore such as Terry Richardson and Ellen von Unwerth, but none have had such a profound effect on me as her.

As far as designers go I should mention I am hopelessly in love and lust with Romance Was Born; Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales are by far the most talented Australian designers around, and definitely amongst the most innovative internationally.

The cusp between spring and summer, just when the days are still cool enough to bear but that promise of delirious sun-kissed heat and warm summer rain is coming soon.

Lily Cole, Devon Aoki and Gemma Ward modelling, Sasha Nilsson doing make-up, Kevin McKenzie doing hair, Mika Mizutani doing styling and maybe even have Grace Coddington producing, though she does scare the living daylights out of me. I would take them deep into European woods for a day and night and produce the most spectacular images of my life. I would also like to have Terry Richardson on set, just because I would want to kick back with him during breaks and after the shoot.

A weekend sailing in crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, just off Sardegna in Italy. I would sail over to Corsica, and spend a night there, and the rest of the time I would just move between island to island, beach to beach, enjoying fresh food, the sun and the sea. Admittedly I have actually done this twice before, though for two weeks at a time, but I would love to just do it again for another weekend. I remember it vividly as one of the most gloriously relaxing times of my life.

My cameras. Oh, my soul would be crushed if anything ever happened to them! They are all easily replaceable but I am still very attached to them, they have essentially been extensions of my body for the last seven years, it would be like losing an arm or an eye.

Shooting my first cover for a fashion magazine that is stocked across all major news agencies in Australia. I worked extremely hard to get to where I am and it will only get better from here on out.

To live in New York and be represented by Michele Filomeno's agency, doing what I love every single day and shooting for the magazines I have obsessively been poring over ever since the day I got into fashion photography. It is not so much a dream, as a reality that is slowly but surely in the making.

The best year of my life.

What a wonderfully optimistic note to end on, and there's no doubt that there's big things ahead for that little lady! Muchas gracias to Jessica for playing along and sharing her beautiful work with us too! What a lucky lot we are!