Tea for Three

Tea time! And based on the fact that I accidentally published this post yesterday without ANYTHING ACTUALLY IN IT, I could clearly use the caffeine! My bad!

Oh look, I remembered images this time! Handy! So how cute is this 'Hanger Tea' design by Soon Mo Kang?

And if the teabag itself wasn't the epitome of awesome, the packaging is something else - it's a little wardrobe of TEA TEES!

The next little slice of tea-nius (say it out loud, I swear it makes sense!) is this Tea Sub by Ototo. Oh yes, a little yellow submarine to cheer up your day and make you a tasty brew. Perfection!

And lastly, the slightly subversive cuteness of the Heart Mug by Reiko Kaneo. The printed shadow is the perfect touch for tea and coffee lovers alike! (Or just lovers in general for you Valentine's Day celebratin' folk!)

[ Hanger Tea via Yanko Design , TeaSub via frankie + swissmiss , Heart Mug via top3 ]