Close to Home

It's a little strange when you find out about a great photographer who lives just around the corner from you...from a blog based in Sweden. Such are the joys of the blogosphere! Courtesy of Emma over at emmas designblogg, I am now absolutely infatuated with the work of Sydney-based Sam McAdam.

Sam photographs span still life, interiors, people and food, and there's something incredibly timeless about every single photo she takes.
If I had my way, I'd have a purple chalk board wall and a crate bookshelf tomorrow. If only I knew where to start looking for either!


{this is glamorous} said...

Love Sam McAdams' work -- the purple chalkboard is so lovely!

please sir said...

Amazing work - I love these photos too!

Ms Unreliable said...

One day I dream of having a home that's worthy of photographing :D