The Road Less Travelled Pt 4

I figure I should probably wrap up my little roadtrip diaries and get back to the interesting stuff, so I've crammed the last few things I wanted to share with you all into the one convenient post!

First up is THE most delicious smoothie I've ever had. No competition. And I used to drink a lot of smoothies back in my day (before the coffee addiction took hold).

This little glass of liquid heaven was an organic mango smoothie, and if it were possible to marry beverages, Mr. Smoothie and I would have just eloped. This was also followed by a DELICIOUS sourdough croissant, all hot and buttery with tasty, tasty jam. I ate it before I could take any photos. I literally couldn't stop myself.

After this tasty little lunch, I decided to devote my last day of being blissfully kidnapped to one of my favourite hobbies, shopping. Op shopping in fact. I'm usually pretty terrible at op shopping expeditions, but this time I'm fairly proud of my efforts.

First up was my bright orange pashmina. $5. Although he does turn heads when I wear him out and about, pashmina's true home is on my bed. He matches my doona cover and fits in well with my newly decided white/black/orange bedroom colour scheme. He was also a handy addition for the drive back home. Above he is forming part of my essential road trip trio - reading material (Animal Farm by George Orwell), ADD deterrent (my scarf which I've been knitting on and off for about 5 years), and of course pashmina, also known as makeshift blanket for vehicular napping purposes.

Next on my hit list was probably my proudest find in quite some time, made even sweeter by the fact that Mr. Unreliable absolutely despises them. Genie Pants. $12. Oh yeah. Words simply cannot describe how much I love these pants. Even my mother was a hesitant fan. But Mr. Unreliable cannot be budged. Too bad for him these pants are really fun to dance around in.

And last but not least, tan button-up shirt. $7. It runs the risk of being a little bit cowboy (not that there's anything wrong with that), but I definitely can't pull off the rancher look, so fortunately this little guy doesn't mind being paired up with a skirt. And here you have my outfit for today. Happy Monday!


K.Line said...

Oooh, love all of these. Esp. that smoothie which does look like the best one ever.

Vanessa Lawson said...

Really great finds, good on you! I especially like your necklace and black flats.

Ms Unreliable said...

k.line - It was so tasty, I almost asked Mr. Unreliable to give me and the smoothie a moment together.

vanessa - Thank you kindly! I usually leave op shops bitterly disappointed, so it was nice to finally have a bit of success!