Corporate Luxe

I figured it was time for another Happy Monday special and yet more lovely workplace suitable attire. This time I'm pining over Dagmar's lovely Autumn/Winter 08 Collection, with yet another thank you to Erin over at Design for Mankind for bringing yet another fantastic designer to my attention.

Some of the colours are undeniably inspired by autumn, but would no doubt work year round. Soft creams and burnt oranges get my vote any time of year!

The beautiful selection of greys and blacks are decidedly more winter-esque, but a little splash of colour could easily transform them into even more year-round must-haves.

Oh who am I kidding, black is always a must have, regardless of the time of year.

And for all our extra-curricular activites, Dagmar has even been kind enough to provide us with bright colours and lovely fun, feminine cuts to keep us happy in our spare time too.

Happy Monday!


Mila said...

Absolutely gorgeous!
Thanks a lot for sharing!


SHILL said...

i dig this look!!!

ryan manning said...

neutral facial expression

Ms Unreliable said...

My pleasure Mila, glad you like! I'm definitely with you on this SHILL, I would LOVE to waltz into a meeting in some of this getup - perhaps then people will actually take me seriously!
ryan, is it you with the neutral facial expression, or just the model? ;)

{this is glamorous} said...

The collection is fantastic! So simple and yet still so sexy.

design for mankind. said...

H, you are sweet. It's my pleasure! And isn't Dagmar the best???