Sweet Dreams

I've been feeling a little under the weather lately - I haven't been sleeping well, I've been having craaaaaaazy dreams, and I'm waking up feeling exhausted. So although I'm generally sapped of energy and completely lacking in motivation, I'm enamoured by lovely bedrooms and the prospect of a good nights sleep.

This one is my favourite, because who wouldn't like timber floorboards, high ceilings and a crate as a bedside table?! The cornices, the rug, the big fluffy white cushions...there's just so much to love!

This one is definitely a girly indulgence, although perhaps it's only the screen that gives it that feeling. Either way though, I'm sure Mr. Unreliable would be unimpressed if I started decorating in this style. He's even pickier than I am!

This one actually reminds me a fair bit of my own humble little bedroom, although my plants have long since been relegated outdoors because I always forgot to water them.

I'm pretty much in love with anything that features timber floorboards, but white floorboards are definitely the top of my current obsession list. I'm not too sure about the ex-animal rug thing, but this room has a really nice feel nonetheless.

More ridiculously high ceilings, this time broken up by an elegant, understated wallpaper. I think I'd like a grey throw for Christmas, just to break up the white in my bedroom.

I've always wanted a mosquito net. They don't sound like the most romantic of bedroom additions, but the soft floaty fabric certainly adds a touch of romance.

Yet more delicious wallpaper to add a splash of interest to a serene setting.

And last but not least, more beautiful floorboards, high ceilings and an ocean view! That's pretty much my holy grail. I'm quite sure this bedroom is a touch larger than my entire apartment, and although I'd do away with yet another ex-animal rug and the chairs that ominously watch over the bed, I could definitely settle in for a good nights sleep here.

No wait, I forgot James Merrell. HOW could I forget James Merrell?! I really must need a good nights sleep if I'm forgetting two of my favourite bedrooms of recent times.

From the super lavish to the super quirky, Mr. Merrell has taught me to see the beauty in my prehistoric little bronze heater, and to be brave enough to adorn a white room with splashes of colour.

This last picture isn't quite within my price range at the moment, chalets do tend to be a bit on the pricey side nowadays. But I can dream, can't I?

Speaking of which, it might be time for a nap right now. Sweet dreams!

[Images via Decorology, Design*Sponge, more Design*Sponge, Please Sir, Emmas Designblogg and James Merrell]


Merrill M said...

Great post. I always look at spreads like this and think "Yes that is how i want my bedroom to look," then i walk into my room and all you can see are clothes.. everywhere. hah! Maybe one day though!