I Almost Forgot...

Waiting at home for me post-road trip was a little present! One that I bought for myself I may add, but minor details.

One vintage Polaroid Land Camera 1000. He's in fantastic condition and has been modified to take 600 film, which is apparently more readily available than the SX-70 film, but I've yet to find any that doesn't cost a mint.

This little guy is a work of art. Literally. Kota Ezawa immortalised my humble little camera in 2006. Well, almost my camera. I can't really find a clearcut answer on exactly how many variations of the Land Camera 1000 were made, but red button, green button, round lens surround, square lens surround...whatever, they're all awesome.

But I need your help!

As you may have already deduced by this stage, I have a habit of naming inanimate objects. So what shall I call my new photographic baby? I've been pondering this all week and so far the best I've got is Kermit. Because he has a green button. Yeah, pathetic I know. Methinks my creativity is off hiding somewhere, probably with the reasonably priced 600 film or the Q-Light flash I so desire. If you happen to see any of them either (especially my creativity), let me know!


diamondsinchampagne said...

Omg I want a polaroid I am tres jealous!

I name inanimate objects too :P I will ponder a name for you

Anonymous said...

wow, thats a classic, going old school! how about poley?

Cravingforclothes(; said...

hello (:
may i know where did you get the polaroid land camera 1000 from ?
please mail me at ky_angie_@hotmail.com .
thank you !