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In my continued Spring cleaning frenzy, I keep staring aimlessly at my "study" area and daydreaming about what could be. Two ugly desktop PC's, two very ugly, plain desks, a mountain of cords and a virtual dumping ground for Mr. Unreliable's rubbish. Sigh.

Then I keep finding beautiful pictures of immaculate, organised studies and offices, at which point I look back at my own desk in dismay. How to attain a lovely work setting at home?!

The biggest hurdle for me is being organised, let alone being organised enough to put said organisational skills on display. Nicole's studio over at Making It Lovely puts my two little craft boxes to shame.

So I'm thinking I should just start small. I keep putting all my efforts off until I find the perfect room divider to finally partition off my study from the rest of my open plan box, but if I wait till then, nothing will ever get done.

So, baby steps. One little thing at a time. This means it'll also be even easier to sneak pretty new things in without Mr. Unreliable noticing. I think this little sticky pad from Pretty Bitter might be my perfect partner in crime.And I definitely need some lovely new stationery to keep me organised too! This is just a tiny selection of my favourites from my stationery heaven, Urbanic.

And then there's this. This became the darling of typography, featured in almost every house tour and sneak peek over at lovely house and home blogs like Apartment Therapy and design*sponge. The poster itself harks back to wartime Britain, when I assume the ladies and children would carry on playing croquet or drinking tea whilst London was subject to air raids. So very British. And so very not me.

Ahhh, that's more like it. None of this calm business in my office, just pure chaos and anarchy. Just how I like it! This little guy, the work of Olly Moss over at Threadless, is my...

Step #1 Towards a Nicer Home Office.

And the best bit? He is already printed, framed and standing on my desk as we speak. Success!


diamondsinchampagne said...

Awesome quote!

Clare Lancaster said...

Definitely in love with that all white home office interior. Loverly but where's the technology?!

Ms Unreliable said...

Agreed diamondsinchampagne, and it's good to know that even wise people are pessimists too. I'm in good company! :D
Clare - that's what I'd love to know too! All the images I see are all cord-free, printer free and generally PC-free! There's only the occasional laptop floating around, but apparently there's some magical model that doesn't need to be charged!
So far I've only seen one lovely home office where the desk was purposefully covered in material to hide all the cords, printer etc underneath. I must dig out that picture!

Peonies and Polaroids said...

Pictures of beautiful home office spaces make m cry. Mine is such a dump. No matter how hard I try there always seems to be an apple core sitting on a pile of books, a couple of oatcakes and 17 post it notes stuck to everything, a few empty mugs and a half eaten bar of chocolate. Hmm, it appears that the food is the main problem...