Cherry Blossom Girl

As another Summer slips by and we ease into a somewhat skittish version of Autumn, I'm already planning my Winter wardrobe with glee. Out come the boots, the jackets and blazers, and the zillion pairs of tights that have been all but forgotten in the warmer months. But then, I see something like this...

[Cherry Blossom Doughnuts - Image Copyright and Courtesy of Aran Goyoaga]

...and suddenly I'm already missing the long, warm nights, the flowing dresses, oversized sunglasses and icy cold drinks. I'm regretting all the evenings I sat indoors and watched Seinfeld repeats instead of going to the beach or having a BBQ with friends...or at least making the most of the extended daylight in some small way.

So with only a few weeks of daylight savings left, I'm going to make a little promise to myself over the cooler months. Me and my oven are going to hang out a little, get to know each other again, and maybe just see where it takes us. With any luck, by the time Spring rolls around I might just be able to bake something edible without burning down my kitchen.

First stop: Cannelle et Vanille*. I know I should start small, but when all of Aran's recipes look and sound as amazing as the Cherry Blossom Doughnuts above, I really don't have a choice. Sure, my attempts are bound to look pathetic in comparison, but the taste will hopefully be another matter!

So tell me, fellow master chefs, where do you head for delicious recipes? Do you have a go-to book or a favourite blog, or do you make the most of what's in your pantry and still manage to whip up a masterpiece?

*Warning: Do not visit this site on an empty stomach!