Walk on the Wild Side

It's Monday again so I'm here with a little bit of eye candy to make the day more bearable. These delicious shoe designs come to us from Tea Petrovic, a Sarajevo designer.

Drawing inspiration from the works of architect/structural engineer extraordinaire Santiago Calatrava and sculptor Naum Gabo.

In her graduate project at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Tea has explored the possibilities of the ubiquitous high heel, or more specifically, the space "between a woman's heel and the floor".

The 10 prototypes, all hand made by Tea, are a beautiful translation of both Calatrava and Gabo's work, and whilst structural engineers might cringe at tension cables being used in compression (geeks!) and males from all backgrounds may write off the designs as 'unwearable', I suspect I'm not the only lady out there wishing for a few of these designs to magically appear in my cupboard (this from a woman who wears flats 99.9% of the time!)

Oh yes please!

Happy Monday everyone! Did you have a good weekend? Mine was very unproductive as usual, except of course for seeing Alice in Wonderland in 3D! Tune in tomorrow for a little film review!

[via Dezeen]