Legs Eleven - From France, With Love

After spending two grand days at Semi-Permanent with some of the coolest kids in town (including the rad lady behind The Art of Jordan!) I'm feeling ridiculously inspired...and generally uncool. My neglected old wardrobe was enough to get me by for two days, but little more! And with my favourite fashiony season (winter, duh!) already hitting the stores and the catwalks in my neck of the woods, it's time to think warm and woolly, even if it's still shorts-and-singlets weather outside!

My staple during the cooler months is undoubtedly tights, which might explain why the amazing designs from Les Queues de Sardines literally have me jumping for joy.

Seriously, could they be any cuter? I'll be dreaming of cute little clouds and raindrops tonight!

Happy Monday! <3

[via frankie]