Tiny Ten Thursday - Keri-Anne Pink

Well hello and welcome to another installment of the smashing new Unreliable series, Tiny Ten. You know the drill - ten tiny questions for one hugely talented creative type. Photographers, artists, musicians, fashionistas and even fellow bloggers - all the cool kids will be right here!

In the second shiny edition of Tiny Ten, I'm honoured and excited to feature the work of photographer and generally lovely English rose, Keri-Anne Pink, also known around the traps as gingerlillytea. How she manages to juggle her gorgeous blog, brimming Etsy store, endlessly inspiring Flickr stream AND her adorable little lady is absolutely beyond me. Here's a little more about the lady in question!

I had a Kodak 3 megapixel camera which I thought was the bees knees!

My Polaroid land camera. I love Polaroids and now they have started stocking film again, I am induldging in it all over again!

Photographers that influence my work include Tim Walker, Nicholas Routzen, Denise Grunstein and Annie Leibovitz. In my life, my daughter influences me. She has inspired me to be a better person and to follow my dreams.

Late spring to early summer. The bluebells are out, the weather is not too hot but lovely enough to wear lace dresses and sandals. I love wandering through woods and taking in all the nature sounds, smells and seeing the flowers bloom.

An underwater mermaid shoot. I would love to set up a magical kingdom under a lake.

I would love to go to Australia. One day I will take my family there. Also, I would love to visit the temples in India.

My daugher and husband (and my camera!)

Giving birth to my daughter. I cannot believe she chose me to be her mother. She has made me so so proud.

To have my work on front of book covers and in magazines around the world.

Will be the best year of my life so far.

See? Told you it would be worth the wait! A gigantic thank you to Keri-Anne for her patience and willingness to jump on board, and thank you for bearing with the delays, dear readers.

Because you've all been so very patient, Keri-Anne and I have concocted a very special little surprise for you! All will be revealed tomorrow...could your Friday possibly get any better? Not a chance! See you then!

xx Kit