All Aboard the FailBoat

Another weekend has flown by and Monday is here again. Hooray! How did you spend your time off? A little R&R, or action-packed activities and events?

My weekend was, to put it politely, full of fail. After a somewhat productive Friday night, my Saturday was completely written off courtesy of a brutal migraine and I missed all the Finders Keepers festivities - sad face! Then most of Sunday was spent repairing a computer that didn't want to start. Just in case you were wondering, the 'Watched Kettle Never Boils' phrase also applies to virus scanners.

Fun times.

But onwards and upwards! Life is a little hectic at Kit HQ at the moment but I still have plenty of inspiration to share with you this week, including some serious eye candy coming up shortly. Stay tuned, and Happy Monday!

xx Kit

P.S. Aussie readers, don't forget to go in the draw to win $1000 just in time for Christmas!

[Photography by Katherine Mitchell and Eva Varo ]