Sponsor Spotlight - Scrapbook Society

I'm dropping in again today to introduce you to one of my endlessly patient sponsors, Krystina Montemurro of Scrapbook Society. Krystina has been paper crafting for 10 years and now chronicles her love of scrapbooking and photography on Scrapbook Society. She also runs lollipops cards, a beautiful Etsy store full of 'sweet like candy' cards and stationery.

In amongst all the cuteness are her crowd favourites, playdate cards - they're like business cards for kids! I can absolutely picture my little nephew strolling around the park and handing these out to all the cute girls - such a heartbreaker!

In the new year (eek, officially two days away!) Scrapbook Society will be undergoing a name change to fit under the lollipops banner, so keep an eye out for all things lollipops! In the meantime, feel free to stop by Scrapbook Society and enjoy Krystina's photography, designs, ideas, cookie-related ramblings and musings of being a desperate housewife to a surfer guy (some ladies have all the luck!)

Thank you again to Krystina for all your support in 2010!

xx Kit