The Wright Stuff - Christmas at Falling Water

There's nothing like a bit of edible architecture to get you in the Christmas spirit! This amazing 'Christmas at Falling Water' marvel is a delicious gingerbread version of the Frank Lloyd Wright classic.

Made by Melodie and Brenton over at Garden Melodies, this ArchiTreat took around 12 hours to design and over 40 hours to build and decorate! I estimate it would take me about 12 minutes and 40 seconds to demolish, om nom nom!

Have a wander over to Garden Melodies for more fun facts about this good lookin' gingerbread house, plus the recipe if you feel like creating your own stylishly tasty abode.

So...who's going to take on a Gehry masterpiece? Gingerbread Guggenheim, anyone?

xx Kit

P.S. If Mr. Unreliable Santa is reading this, the Falling Water LEGO Set is still on my wish list. January Christmas presents are also more than welcome.