Seasonally Subtle - Stylish Christmas Decorations

As someone who's not into tinsel or anything overtly Christmas-themed (apart from my Christmas tree, of course!) I'm really enjoying the Christmas decoration posts over at The Style Files.

So much prettiness, without being over the top. But on that note...

Last Friday I made the mistake of ducking into one of those Christmas warehouses, and let's just say that my search for some plain white and/or silver baubles is ongoing. I don't even know how a warehouse full of flashing lights and multi-coloured decorations is even capable of being so depressing, but sure enough...

On the bright side, however, I did pick up this little beauty for the grand total of $3. It's so glittery and over the top that I just had to have it. It now keeps watch over my dark little hallway, observing the comings and goings of my noisy upstairs neighbours in all its obnoxiously sparkly glory.

Yes, that's right 3am Madonna-cranking neighbours, GlitterBow is Watching! *insert ominous laughter here*

xx Kit

P.S. This is what happens when I try to function with no caffeine. My apologies.