Friday Flux

Today I'm embracing my not-so-inner ArchiGeek with this beautifully rendered animation by Candaş Şişman. A dynamic and enchanting homage to Turkish sculptor İlhan Koman, F L U X has been making its own waves at the Hulda Festival, an exhibition inspired by the life and work of Koman.

So very hypnotic. I suddenly feel the urge to go sailing. And play Pick Up Sticks. On a rollercoaster. And then draw all of the above with a Spirograph. And then sleep.

Maybe sleep first.

Have a great weekend everyone!

xx Kit

P.S. Read more about the animation and the artist that inspired it over at Yatzer (my favourite new ArchiGeek hangout!)

P.P.S. Who's going to the Finders Keepers Markets in Sydney tonight or tomorrow? I am!

[Images courtesy of Candaş Şişman via Yatzer]