Happy (Crappy) Snaps

A few little happy snaps of the gifts I'm currently wrapping, courtesy of my beaten up old iPhone. 2011 will be the year that I upgrade to a real camera, oh yes, yes it will. (Recommendations welcome!)

As for the presents...quite a few this Christmas are to me, from me! I'm seriously considering signing some of the cards with a paw print. My cat has impeccable taste, she definitely would have chosen some of these if she had opposable thumbs and/or access to money. Without doubt.

[ Eiffel Tower Earrings from ASOS.com * ]
[ For moi, oui oui! And now only £4.00 too! ]

[ Cloud Brooch from Mein Design ]
[ An early present from Singapore from Mr. Unreliable ]

[For my best friend...still unwrapped and unsent, oops!]

[ Tea Necklace from Equip ]
[ From the cat, to me - oh Soda, you shouldn't have! ]

Only 2 more sleeps! Hope you're rocking the Christmas Zen like me this year!

xx Kit

*After developing an unhealthy obsession with ASOS, I've decided to bring them on board as an affiliate. In other words, the two ASOS links in the post above are affiliate links, and if you just so happen to click on them and go grab some goodies for yourself, I'll get a small commission...and one small step closer to finally buying a proper camera so I can provide you with more original content than ever before - everybody wins!