Happy Frursday!

I have a little shindig on tomorrow so I may not make it home in time and/or in any state to do a post...and you know by the name of the blog that I'm not organised enough to schedule that kind of stuff in advance. So as I'm treating today as my official Friday (aka Frursday) I'm going to start pondering the weekend a little early.

I've decided that my weekend is going to look like this. I might even make some origami cranes just to complete the effect. Instead of a book filled with just boring words (I kid!) I'm instead going to be poring over the pretty pages of my newly acquired Frankie Spaces magazine/book mook (boogazine just doesn't have the same ring to it) allllll weekend long. I may also take a quick break to try out my new Matryoshka measuring cups! Not to bake or actually do anything productive, just to measure stuff. Yeah. Anyhoo.

These new goodies came to me from the lovely Sammie via the Aussie Vogue Forums annual Kris Kringle. 101 'Voguettes' took part this year, and it's so uplifting to read through the 'received' thread and see all the excitement and thankfulness. The spending limit it relatively small (even though I KNOW Sammie spoilt me!) but the reward is so much bigger than the gift. Woo, Christmas cheer! And not the "OMFGINEEDTOBUY8000CHRISTMASPRESENTSAT11:59PMONCHRISTMASEVE-GETTHEFECKOUTTAMYWAY" kind of Christmas cheer.


On that note... I might just see you back here before Monday, but just in case, have a stellar weekend!

xx Kit

P.S. Another huuuuge thank you to Bec for organising the Vogue Kris Kringle once again - she does an amazing job every year. Hopefully her KK spoilt her rotten (muhahaha, it was meeee, and I did!)

P.P.S. Look at Sammie's beautiful wrapping! I should have put these presents under the tree for at least a few days, but I took one look at them and just had to know what was inside. So pretty!

[Photography by Liis Klammer], my cruddy iPhone, and Sammie]