The White Couch of Doom

A little while ago (okay, a long while ago) I put together this concept for my living room. Inspired by the colours of my then tiny, harmless kitten, I drew upon her grey, white and apricot shades and put together a palette that's a little bit feminine, but not so much so that Mr. Unreliable would flip out. This scheme also works in with my apartment's grey/beige greige carpet and silver/grey/beigey-brown fittings.

The problem, in case it's not already glaringly obvious, is The White Couch of Doom.

Let me say that again.

The White Couch of Doooooooooooooooooooooooom.

Sadly, it's the only item from that image that I actually own. I bought it pre-kitten (and pre-reality) and I love it...but it doesn't stay white for long. Removable covers are all well and good, except that I'm the only one who ever cleans them and they need to be cleaned at least fortnightly. Mr. Unreliable not only makes most of the mess, but he also promised me (when he chose the white cover!) that he would help keep it clean, including never putting his feet on the couch. Never. He broke that last promise within half an hour of getting TWCoD home.

So now I have a dilemma. 

Being the consummate party animal, I asked for a rug for my birthday. Yes, a rug. That rug. The one in the picture there, under the Impossibly Pristine White Couch On Which Unicorns Drink Fairy Dust Martinis.

The issue is that the whole palette has been (foolishly) built around The White Couch of Doom. It provides balance, contrast, lightness. If When I finally get jack of grubby footprints and grey cat hair coating the couch and give in to buying a dark grey cover (like I should have from the outset!) then the whole dynamic changes, the whole palette becomes darker and less vibrant.

So, impeccably stylish readers. What say you?

xx Kit

P.S. Have any lovely Australian readers come across the pictured coffee table (or similar) anywhere? I've only been keeping a casual eye out, but I haven't seen anything even vaguely resembling that design...and I must have it, I must!