Bring the Outdoors In

I'm currently on the hunt for living room chairs; the kind of hunt that takes place entirely from my computer, but is fervent nonetheless. And whilst you couldn't tell from the current state of my abode, I'm notoriously picky when it comes to furniture. Perhaps picky isn't quite the right word, try...indecisive.

Most of this stems from the fact that I get to see beautiful furniture every day at the office job, but in designer mode the price tag is usually an afterthought. At home however, it's front and centre, and my taste rarely line up with my wallet.

Which is why, in theory, these Nido chairs by Javier Pastor for Expormim could be the answer. Not only would they look smashing in my little living room, but they'd also be just as comfortable on my balcony too. It's basically two pieces of furniture for the price of one - bargain!

In reality however, even with such marvellous post-justification, I suspect the price point might still be a tiny bit out of reach. For now.

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