Flowers and Floorboards

After my bouncing-off-the-walls energy yesterday, I had completely run out of steam by 6pm. By 8pm, my head was pounding, my nose was running, and my cold was back in full force. Serves me right for trying to get too much done when I was feeling alright!

Spending all day in bed today, however, has lead me to a very important conclusion...

Everything is better with flowers
and timber floorboards.

Staring out at my little balcony full of half-restored furniture and drooping plants, and my bedroom full of beautiful light but uninspiring beige carpet, I kept thinking about the stunning image above. I don't think I've ever seen so much perfection in a single image. And whilst my renting self can't do much about the carpet, I can definitely make a change on the flower front.

So this weekend, my tiny little blueberry bush is getting some flowery company, and my rampant tomato vine might get a few friends too.

What are your favourite, easy-to-grow flowers? If you know of any varieties that are perfect for a shaded Autumn life on a little balcony, please let me know!

[Image by Corrie Bond via {frolic!}]