Oh, It's Autumn!

I've been so busy whinging about my never-ending cold and the much-missed Daylight Savings, that it's only just occurred to me that it's AUTUMN - YAY! I swear it sneaks up on me every year, but fortunately it didn't take a maple leaf in the face for me to remember this time around!

As soon as every season rolls around, I'm pretty sure it's instantly my favourite. Yeah, Spring has flowers and Summer has beaches, and Winter has cute coats and comfy boots, but Autumn?! Well, it has cute cardigans and coloured tights and changing, falling leaves. There are so many beautiful maple trees lining the streets of Surry Hills, that it really is a beautiful season to be in Sydney.

But back to cardigans...

I love all these looks, and the first photo in particular was the one that gave me my seasonal lightbulb moment. Cute dresses, oversized cardigans and ruffled jackets, killer heels and pretty bags - oh Autumn, how I love thee!

All this inspiration comes straight from Flickr stream of Atlanta-based Liebermarlene Vintage, run by and featuring the adorable Rhiannon...who I'm now going to blame for my revived infatuation with all things cardigan-related.

Yay, Autumn!

[via Tabitha Emma]